Music news coming soon!  

In the meantime, feel free to take a look back on some concerts, award shows, & listening parties I’ve attended – looking forward to more!  Who wants to join me?

bey 2
On the Run Tour – Beyonce & Jay Z (LA)

GRAMMYS meg          Kendrick mosh pit
56th Annual GRAMMY Awards (LA)

         JT mosh pit                     legends of the summer 
                55th Annual GRAMMY Awards (LA)                            Legends of the Summer – JT & Jay Z (LA)

 drake hollywood blvd                 two chainz barron davis
Drake – Hollywood Boulevard                                          2 Chainz private listening party (LA)


     the weeknd               VMAs
King of the Fall Tour (LA) – The Weeknd                            2012 MTV Video Music Awards (LA)


          yeezus                          ovo                 The Yeezus Tour (LA) – Kanye West                                 New Year’s Day 2012 (Vegas) – Drake


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