VIDEO: DJ Khaled ft. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller – “Wild Thoughts”

Earlier today (like 6AM EST early), Khaled gave us another one *Khaled voice* from his upcoming album, Grateful.  Not only did he release the song but the visuals as well.

The track, titled “Wild Thoughts,” features my girl crush, Rihanna, and one of my favorite new artists, Bryson Tiller.  Co-written by PartyNextDoor, the song samples Carlos Santana’s hit “Maria, Maria.”  Fire.

Out of the recent songs Khaled has given us, this is one of the better ones in my opinion.  It’s definitely a good track to kick off your weekend.

Disclaimer:  Rihanna is S E R V I N G the most in this video.  See for yourself below.


VIDEO: Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna – ‘This Is What You Came For’

Okay, I need to get way better about posting music videos on this thang.  Well, and better about posting in general.  Any ways.

I just world premiered this music video from my bed, and I love it.  It’s nothing too complex – but just so cool.  And if you check out my Snapchat (ergense), you will hear what I think of this video. Again, it all goes back to being cool and to me Rihanna is the Queen of Cool, 100%.

So watch the video below, and let me know what you think!  Oh, and pay attention to the cube RiRi is dancing in.  Let’s just say it looks a lot like that ‘Hotline Bling’ box Drake was busting a move in.  Hmmm…

Regardless, I’m team Rihanna and team Calvin.  Enjoy!

Oh, and HOW COULD I FORGET.  It’s still June 16 on the West Coast, so since that’s the case I’d like to wish a happy birthday to the late Tupac.  How can you resist such a face?


And Kendrick Lamar’s birthday is tomorrow.  Two of the GREATS born a day apart?  Incredible.


Love yinz!

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Serge’s Selections – A Day Late :) 6.7.16

Can we talk about the songs I’ve been feeling?  K good.

With ‘Damn Daniel’ references and mentions of his ‘gorgeous’ paper trail mixed with some King Push, how can you not like ‘Drug Dealers Anonymous’?  The song is the first single off of Pusha T’s upcoming album King Push.  And if Jay is featured on one more song and we don’t get a new Hov project, I’m gonna lose it.


Listen here!

Yassss.  I am so down for a RiRi remix, especially when it’s a song from her last album (and one of my favorites) ANTI.  With a dance floor beat (again, my fave), KAYTRANADA gives Rihanna’s ‘Kiss It Better’ a makeover.  Why I like this?  Well, one it’s Rihanna and two because it puts a more upbeat spin on the song.


Listen here!

Now for this selection, I probably wouldn’t normally highlight a Wale track, but any man who can hit a falsetto (aka Eric Bellinger), I’m down for the get down.  The ‘Spare Time (Remix)’ is one I definitely bump in my car.  While a rare pairing for a remix, I think it works well – it’s good in an unexpected way!

Chune in here.

travis meme

And for the grand finale, no it’s not an entire Travi$ Scott project which we thought we were going to get, we do have a new song featuring  Young Thug and Quavo.  It’s lit!  Thank you to the plug for sending this my way.  I just can’t get enough of Travy.  Pick up the phone here.

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RiRi Review x ANTI World Tour x LA 5.3.16

Hey yinzzz,

I must say that as I’m writing this and yes I had a great time at her show on Tuesday, I’m a little upset because Drake appeared at her Wednesday show.  Both shows in LA.  Both shows at The Forum.  Why Universe why.  It’s okay – moving on.

All feelings aside, Rihanna put on an AMAZING show.  I have never been to one of her tours and have never really seen her perform more than one or two songs other than at awards shows, so this was a dang treat.  From lights to backup dancers (hello, they were amazing) to stage setup to RiRi’s dancing and overall stage presence, she did not disappoint.


But before we lead into her set, we absolutely cannot forget about Mr. Travis Scott.  I have actually never seen him perform EVER, so I was probably more excited at the start to see him.

His set list included:

  • A-Team
  • Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1 (TLOP)
  • 90210
  • Pray 4 Love (which he dedicated to Tupac’s mom who passed away on 5/3)
  • Bake Sale
  • Wonderful Life
  • Whole Lotta Lovin’
  • Antidote*

*As if this song isn’t popular and lit enough, he took things to the next level.  Literally.  Travis exited the stage and freaking scaled The Forum stairs to THE NOSEBLEEDS (where I was sitting) but alas to the opposite side.  #thxUniverse  He then handed the microphone to a fan who proceeded to rap the remainder of the song.  You’ll see in my Snap compilation below that Travis was quite impressed.  So dope.  Trav lives for the fans for real.  Example:  fans in the front row were rolling up trying to smoke, security threatened to kick them out, but Travis stood up for them and told security to not kick them out because this is the ANTI Tour.  More specifically, “This is the ANTI World Tour, so we might be anti security.” HA.  But all in all, great performance by him.  I really hope he goes on a solo tour.  I’ll be buying tickets for sure.

Back to RiRi.

I think she has become the Queen of Cool.  Honest even.  Everything she did.  From her entrance to the stage to walking back and forth to the microphone… EVERYTHING WAS COOL.  She is also one for the fans, and that’s another reason why I like her so much.  And she can sing!  Many think she can’t, but the girl can hold a note.  Listen to ‘Love on the Brain’ off of ANTI, and your mind will be blown.


Her setlist included:

  • Stay
  • Love the Way You Lie
  • Woo
  • Sex With Me
  • Birthday
  • Pour It Up
  • Numb
  • Bitch Better Have My Money
  • Consideration
  • Live Your Life
  • Run This Town
  • All of the Lights
  • Desperado
  • Man Down
  • Rude Boy
  • Work
  • Take Care
  • We Found Love
  • Where Have You Been
  • Needed Me
  • Same Ol’ Mistakes
  • Diamonds
  • She then took the time to thank every helping hand involved with the show – much appreciated.
  • FourFiveSeconds
  • Love on the Brain
  • Kiss It Better

I had high expectations for a Rihanna concert, and she delivered.  No, she didn’t deliver, she SERVED.  It’s safe to say I will be attending more RiRi tours in the future.

For those of you who just scrolled to the bottom because this post is long AF, watch my Snap Story below!

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NEW: Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna – ‘This Is What You Came For’

Yesssss, what better way to start off your Friday than with a new collab and banger from Calvin Harris and Rihanna.  This will definitely be a summer jam for most.  Good vibes all the way through.

Listen below!

And no, I still haven’t listened to Views.  While it may seem shocking, I really want to give it a good listen and not be swayed by others’ opinions that I’m reading on social.  Don’t you worry though, I’ll be writing a reVIEW of it!

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VIDEO: Rihanna – ‘Needed Me’

Bad bish alert!  As promised from a few weeks ago, the visuals for Rihanna’s track ‘Needed Me’ off of her recent album ANTI are now here!  The song is produced by one of the best, DJ Mustard.

The visuals and RiRi give off her independent nature, so you know I can appreciate that.

Watch below! But probably don’t view it at work.

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VIDEO: Rihanna – ‘Kiss It Better’

Yesterday RiRi teased us with a short clip of her ‘Kiss It Better’ video, but now it is finally here!  Once again, she doesn’t disappoint, and I can add this to another reason of why I love her.

The super sexy black-and-white clip is quite seductive and shows the Barbadian queen’s confidence, which we all already know she has plenty of.  This is def NSFW (not safe for work), so watch on your iPhone not on your desktop.  I don’t want yinz getting in trouble.

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And It’s Not Even Her Birthday (But It Is)…

Happy 28th birthday to this Barbadian bombshell.  I have always been a fan of Rihanna – both her look and music.  Take a look below at what I think are some of her best looks.  And not even just that, but just to see how beautiful she is!

Reasons why I like her:

  • She gives ZERO effs
  • She can actually sing
  • She loves, loves, loves her fans and you can tell it’s genuine
  • She had relations with Drake
  • She’s a businesswoman – her recent deal with Puma has earned the company $975 MILLION in just the last quarter. #BO$$
  • She’s an all around talented entertainer
  • She’s really just a badass.

I can’t wait to see her live at her ANTI World Tour in May with Syd!

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As promised…

Here are the overdue updates I’ve been meaning to write about.  We’re going to try to keep this short and sweet since there’s SO much happening in the hip-hop world.

First and most importantly, on Saturday, January 30, Drake hosted OVO Sound Radio and finally gave us a drop date for Views From the 6.  Well, it’s not an actual date, but the album will drop in April.  And it makes complete sense.  Toronto’s area code is 416 (close to that Pittsburgh 412 ya heard).  April being the 4th month and the year being 20(16).  It makes ALL the sense, and I’m actually a little disappointed in myself that I didn’t figure it out.  Maybe it will drop on April 16th?  I’m still thinking some new music will come out this weekend during All-Star Weekend.  Don’t even get me startd on how upset I am I’m not there.  Moving on to the next piece of news.

YEEZY-WIZ TWITTER DRAMA | This celeb beef was some real Twitter fingers action.  Kanye went on quite the rant about Wiz Khalifa.  It all stemmed from Kanye changing his album title from SWISH to Waves, which prompted Wiz to Tweet out a photo of Max B, the original ‘Wavy Daddy.’  Cue the Tweets.  Drama is all I can say.  I was actually laughing reading them, but it was all a bit much.  I also managed to screen shot all of Ye’s Tweets, and thank goodness I did because he deleted them.  I’ll have to dedicate a post to just those sometime in the near future.  Cut to present.  Kanye and Wiz had a phone call, made up, and all is good.

EVOL | Future blessed us with ANOTHA ONE.  Not much longer after Purple Reign, which dropped in January, the Atlanta rapper released another project titled EVOL, which is ‘love’ spelled backwards.  I haven’t listened to either of the projects as much as I should have, but if you listen to one song, you absolutely must listen to ‘Run Up’ on Purple Reign.  Seriously fire.

‘DOWN IN THE DM’ REMIX | Listen to this raunchy yet lit remix to Yo Gotti’s club banger featuring Nicki Minaj here.  Let’s just say I listened to this on my way to work, and it definitely woke me up.  Nicki goes hard in this.  Love it.

RIHANNA – ANTI | Okay, this should actually get its own post.  What a dang good album.  The overall sound and lyrics of ANTI are incredible.  The flow from beginning to end.  Brilliant.  Comparing this album to others by Rihanna, this is by far her most mature piece of work.  If you’re an avid RiRi fan, I’m sure you’ll agree.  I encourage you to listen!  I promise it’s not a peppy pop album you’ll get sick of.  And listen to ‘Love on the Brain.’  That straight up doesn’t even sound like Rihanna, but has more of  a Beyonce and Macy Gray feel.  So good.  Listen, yinz!

FLINT CRISIS | Detroit native Big Sean donated $50,000 to support the Flint water crisis.  While some of you think he should have given more, it’s obviously way more than I’m sure you’ve given.  I don’t want to get into that discussion now,  but let’s just give a round of applause to the Sean Don for donating to this town in time of need.  Props!

Happy Friday!  Lots of exciting things week, so check back early next for a post!  And until then, I’ll be waiting for Ye to drop his album.

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