Music: Calvin Harris ft. Pharrell, Katy Perry, & Big Sean – “Feels”

More new music!  Living.

As promised earlier this week, Calvin Harris posted to his social media channels that he’d be releasing another track from his upcoming album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1.  PS – I’m really hoping for a Vol. 2, and Vol. 1 hasn’t even dropped yet.  Moving on.

This song is complete summer island vibes.  TBH, each song Calvin Harris has given us from this upcoming album has had summer vibes.  Low-key I’m more excited for this project than DJ Khaled’s which has E V E R Y one on it.

Back to “Feels.”  Let me keep this short and sweet.

Pharrell starting this song… amazing!  Definitely the right choice.  Then we move on to Katy Perry’s vocals.  She keeps the energy going with her spunk.  But moving on to my favorite verse of the song… Big Sean’s.

“Godamn I know you love to make an entrance
Do you like getting paid or getting paid attention
You mixed the wrong guys with the right intentions
In the same bed, but it still feel long distance
She’s looking for a little more consistency
But when you stop looking you gon’ find what’s meant to be
And honestly I’m way too done with the hoes
I cut off all my exes for your x and o’s
I feel my old flings, was just preparing me”

*Lyric credit: Genius

That bolded and italicized lyric is the key to life!  Big Sean is hitting me with the actual feels in this song which you can (and should!) listen to here.

Well done, Calvin Harris.  Looking forward to Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1.



Concert Review: Big Sean – I Decided Tour

Last Friday, Big Sean stopped in Los Angeles for his I Decided Tour and his third stop on the West Coast.  He performed at the Hollywood Palladium which is now a venue I’ve been to a handful of times.  It’s intimate vibe is great, but I do wish the stage was a little more elevated.  It’s hard for us short people to see!  I digress.

There were four of us who went and before posting up in the GA section, we obviously had to buy some beverages and cop some merch.  I held us down in the merch line while the others secured the drinks.  Teamwork makes the dream work.

After successfully buying the exclusive I Decided California t-shirt (see below) and the official I Decided Tour sweatshirt, it was time to go find our place in the crowd.

We knew we’d be in the back when we first arrived at the Palladium.  The line was wrapped (and I mean wrapped) down and around the block.

The night started with an opening set from Big Sean’s DJ, DJ Mo Beatz.  He’s extremely talented and was spinning all the right songs to get us to the appropriate energy level.  Next up…


Now while I don’t listen to MadeinTYO on the reg (I really should though – he’s underrated), he has quite a few bangers and performed them all – “I Want,” “Uber Everywhere,” and “Skateboard P” to name a few.  He was the perfect opener for Big Sean, and he definitely kept the momentum going.

Okay, now for the real deal…

Big Sean

I’ve seen Big Sean perform multiple times now, and he has yet to disappoint.  His energy, positive vibes, love for the crowd, and just overall passion he has for performing makes him an incredible artist to watch live.  It also doesn’t hurt that he’s easy on the eye.  Anyways.

His setlist included most of the tracks from I Decided and a handful of other fire emoji worthy songs like “Champions,” “I Don’t F*ck With You,” “Don’t Like,” “Paradise,” “Blessings,” and more.  While I had hoped for a Migos or Jeremih surprise appearance, he did bring out his boo Jhene Aiko.  I don’t believe I’ve ever seen her live before this, so it was great to not only add her to my concert resume (yes, I have one of those), but it was awesome seeing the two perform together and witnessing their chemistry IRL.  MadeinTYO also came back out during Sean’s set so they could perform the “Skateboard P Remix.”  YAS.  Seriously one of my  favorite songs out right now.

Okay, now this is sort of embarrassing, but I don’t even care.  Towards the end of Big Sean’s set, he began to talk about positivity, surrounding yourself with a solid group of people, and that it’s never too late to make your dreams a reality.  Well, I started crying.  I sort of wish I was joking.  This is the second time I’ve cried at a concert.  The first was during the On The Run Tour (Beyonce and Jay Z).  v. emotional.  But yeah.  I’ve always been a fan of Big Sean not only because of his music but also because of his positive nature and vibes he exudes.

Overall, this was one of the better Big Sean performances I’ve seen.  If you’ve listened to I Decided, you can tell this project means A LOT to him and is full of inspiration which all came to life on that stage.  He’s a real one.

Why did I cry though?  I believe I’m at a really good place in my life right now.  Weeding out the negativity, surrounding myself with great people and influences, and just doing epic shit.  I’m really the only person who can control all of this for myself, so yeah… I’m pretty pumped.

The night ended with me going to In N Out, ordering a grilled cheese and fries via drive-thru, and sitting in my car to indulge before heading home.  All in all, it was a solid night.

Next concert… Sampha at the El Rey Theatre.  I’ve never seen Sampha perform nor have I been to that venue so I’m pretty amped!

Thanks for reading, yinz!

Power106 Reveals Annual Powerhouse Concert Lineup

Currently having a major FOMO moment.  Why?  Well because I will not be in LA for Powerhouse this year.  SAD.  I can’t really complain that much though because that weekend I’ll be in Miami with two of my BFFs and I’m more than likely attending Rolling Loud Festival.  I digress.

This year’s Powerhouse falls on Cinco de Mayo weekend which is typically early than previous years.  It’s going down on Saturday, May 6 at the Glen Helen Amphitheater.

Let me just say though that the lineup is one big fire emoji.  Big Sean and Lil Wayne headlining?!  Do you even know how many live bangers that will come out of this concert?  “My Homies Still.”  “Beware.”  “Deep.”  And so many more.  Ugh.  I guess I can’t go to everything, but it still hurts a bit.  It’s the fangirl in me.

Kid Ink, Jeremih, Post Malone, MadeinTYO, too?!  You know Big Sean and MadeinTYO will perform the “Skateboard P” remix together.  Amazing.


Congrats to the Power team on an epic lineup!  Want to get more amped up about it?  Watch the promo vid here, and get your tickets this Friday so I can live vicariously through your social feeds.

Happy Monday, yinz!

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“I Decided” to post about my #CruzShowVIP Experience…

On Monday, I was given the opportunity to attend a VIP Big Sean experience at the one and only Power 106 FM radio station – the most poppin’ hip-hop radio station in LA might I add.  No more than 50 fans were in attendance, keeping the experience very intimate.  Love those types of scenarios.  Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Big Sean, I mingled with some of the Power crew. Dope people.  Okay, love you guys but back to the main attraction…

*enter big sean*

The Cruz Show team asked Sean various questions about his new album “I Decided” (go out and cop that / stream it if you haven’t already – fire) and about him as an artist and person.  Fans were also given the chance to ask questions.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again and not knowing him personally, Big Sean seems to be one of the most humble and real people out there.  Especially as a rapper, that is very refreshing to witness and makes me like and appreciate him that much more.  He also seems very respectful, level-headed, and seems to be all about positivity.  I mean, read my Tweet in my header image.  When he said that, my heart and mind were instantly full.

One fan in particular asked about the competition / comparing himself to other artists. Snippets of his answer below.  And what’s even better is this advice can translate to your life. Take it in!

“Once you feel good on the inside, you’ll feel good on the outside.”

“In the race of life, you’re only going to slow down when you look at them.”  [“them” referring to everyone else]

“Don’t compare yourself.  They’re not you.”

Much respect for Sean Don.

Shout out again to Power 106 and specifically Ashley for the invite.  She’s funny AF so follow her.  And if you live in LA, you best keep your ears open because this isn’t the first VIP Experience they’ve hosted.  Listen to Power for your chance to win and go to the next one.  I mean, it can get you a picture like this…


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Review: Big Sean – “I Decided”

Yassss!  So excited for Big Sean’s 4th studio album.  I had the opportunity to preview the album last night at his listening party in LA (thanks to Beats by Dre and DefJam).  And dang was it good.  We were encouraged to not post anything until the album officially came out, so thank goodness dropped the following day.  Everyone needs to hear this!

Okay, the review –

Intro | Nice little one minute intro to get this thing started.  It definitely sets the mood and gets the fans ready for what’s about to come.  The speaking also makes you question what this album will be about.

Light ft. Jeremih | And a beautiful transition right into the second track featuring the talented Jeremih.  Since we’re at the very beginning of the album, I’m a fan how this track focuses on Big Sean’s lyrics and voice.  There’s no music overpowering the two.  I like this approach for the album kickoff… you have to lead up to the bigger moments!  This track is almost like the Intro, Pt. 2.  I dig it.

Bounce Back | This song is fire!  Love that it’s at the top of the tracklist.  I woke up in beast mooooode.  You and I already know this song is amazing.  This is the Big Sean we all know and love.  You can bounce to it and rap along to it.  The ending of this song might be my favorite.  “Is you a real one?”  And the ending beat.  Dope.

No Favors ft. Eminem | The music on this.  Ultimate.  You can tell it’s leading up to something epic or someone epic aka Eminem.  The rap master himself.  In 8th grade I wrote a poem that I wanted to see Eminem in concert – have yet to do that.  Eminem’s voice has this boss sound to it.  Empowerment.  You can do anything.  Strong.  I’m typing this literally as I listen to the music.  And the creepy piano sounds make it that much more EPIC.  Yeah, we’ve all been waiting for this one.

Jump Out the Window | Wowwww.  This beat!!!  And the quick pause right before he goes into the lyrics.  “Your time was the only thing I wished was mine.”  What a lyric.  Definitely one of my favorites on this album.

Moves | I LOVE THIS SONG.  THE BEAT IS ULTIMATE.  While it’s one of the shorter tracks on the album coming in at 2:22min, it’s two minutes and 22 seconds of pure vibes.  Could I ask for anything more?  And if you haven’t seen the music video, watch it here.

Same Time, Pt. 1 (ft. TWENTY88) |  Another short track.  But I feel this is so because it’s listed as Pt. 1.  I don’t like assuming things, but I feel as if Pt. 2 may appear on either a Jhene Aiko project or on a second TWENTY88 project.  Wherever it appears next, I’m ready for it.  Their voices go together so well.  Magic.

Owe Me | “The smile on your face the only thing I can’t read.”  WOW.  This song keeps the vibe of the album going.  And Big Sean tells it like it is on this one.  I’m here for it.  And knowing that the next track is “Halfway Off the Balcony,” which we’ve already been blessed with, “Owe Me” is a great lead into it.  It’s a good transition, sound wise.

Halfway Off the Balcony | Out of “Bounce Back,” “Moves,” and this track – all songs he dropped before the album – this one is always stuck in my head.  So catchy.  In a good way!  “Chemistry means way more than anatomy.”  Hello.  Where are all these boys who think this way?  DM me if you know.

Voices In My Head / Stick To the Plan | I remember this song from the listening party.  Everyone was VIBING to it.  I love the switch up – the fact Metro Boomin produced this makes it even better.  And I like how “Metro Boomin want some more” doesn’t happen until the switch up.  And you’ll notice the tempo of the song picks up in “Stick To the Plan.”  Fire.  This song for me is motivation.  For what?  I don’t really know, but it just sounds like it.  And the ending… I hear you, Big Sean!

Sunday Morning Jetpack ft. The-Dream | Okay, this song is beautiful.  I first heard this when he premiered it on SNL a few Saturdays ago.  I’m glad he dropped this particular track by performing it live.  While all the songs are meaningful to Big Sean, I feel like this track is one of the more special ones, and you could tell that by watching him perform.  A rap song with real meaning – yes, please.

Inspire Me | This song was inspired by his mom.  During his listening party, she was not only there, but she was front and center when this track played.  She sat right next to her son with the biggest smile on her face.  It was really heartwarming to witness.  You definitely had a few “aww” moments in the crowd.

Sacrifices ft. Migos | Banger alert.  It’s pretty safe to say that any track with Migos featured on it is probably going to get you pumped up.  I’m sort of surprised this track is in between “Inspire Me” and “Bigger Than Me” – two songs that are more mellow and have a more serious meaning.  Not mad about it, but I feel like after hearing “Sacrifices,” I want the album to keep going with the fire.  On to the last track!

Bigger Than Me ft. The Flint Chozen Choir & Starrah | Okay, can we please acknowledge that Big Sean is always showing love and support for his home state that is Michigan?  I love it.  As an avid supporter of my hometown, I can relate to this and respect those who show constant love for and SUPPORT of where they came from.  What a beautiful way to end an album.  And a rap album of all things!

Overall Big Sean has grown so much as an artist over the past few years, and that is especially apparent on this album.  While I was selfishly hoping for an 18-track album, the above 14 songs satisfy my hunger for new music from the Detroit native.

So big props to Sean and his team on this one.  Go and support, yinz!  You can download on iTunes or stream on Apple Music.

Want to watch my review?  Check that here.

serge out!

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VIDEO: Big Sean – “Moves”

Directed by Mike Carson, peep the visuals for Big Sean’s hot track “Moves” below.  It’s seriously one of my favorites off the album.  And his dance moves are giving me life.  A little Drake inspired, yeah?

Check it below!  What do you think?

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NEW: 2 Chainz & Big Sean – ‘Light It Up’

Banger alert.  And just yesterday, I was saying how I wanted new music from Big Sean, so thank you.

The track will be on Kevin Hart’s, I mean Chocolate Droppa’s, debut musical project, What Now? (The Mixtape Presents Chocolate Droppa),’ which drops tomorrow.

You will also find Trey Songz, Chris Brown, T.I., Migos, Lil Yachty, Akon, and more on the project.

Listen to the fire that is ‘Light It Up’ here!

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As promised…

Here are the overdue updates I’ve been meaning to write about.  We’re going to try to keep this short and sweet since there’s SO much happening in the hip-hop world.

First and most importantly, on Saturday, January 30, Drake hosted OVO Sound Radio and finally gave us a drop date for Views From the 6.  Well, it’s not an actual date, but the album will drop in April.  And it makes complete sense.  Toronto’s area code is 416 (close to that Pittsburgh 412 ya heard).  April being the 4th month and the year being 20(16).  It makes ALL the sense, and I’m actually a little disappointed in myself that I didn’t figure it out.  Maybe it will drop on April 16th?  I’m still thinking some new music will come out this weekend during All-Star Weekend.  Don’t even get me startd on how upset I am I’m not there.  Moving on to the next piece of news.

YEEZY-WIZ TWITTER DRAMA | This celeb beef was some real Twitter fingers action.  Kanye went on quite the rant about Wiz Khalifa.  It all stemmed from Kanye changing his album title from SWISH to Waves, which prompted Wiz to Tweet out a photo of Max B, the original ‘Wavy Daddy.’  Cue the Tweets.  Drama is all I can say.  I was actually laughing reading them, but it was all a bit much.  I also managed to screen shot all of Ye’s Tweets, and thank goodness I did because he deleted them.  I’ll have to dedicate a post to just those sometime in the near future.  Cut to present.  Kanye and Wiz had a phone call, made up, and all is good.

EVOL | Future blessed us with ANOTHA ONE.  Not much longer after Purple Reign, which dropped in January, the Atlanta rapper released another project titled EVOL, which is ‘love’ spelled backwards.  I haven’t listened to either of the projects as much as I should have, but if you listen to one song, you absolutely must listen to ‘Run Up’ on Purple Reign.  Seriously fire.

‘DOWN IN THE DM’ REMIX | Listen to this raunchy yet lit remix to Yo Gotti’s club banger featuring Nicki Minaj here.  Let’s just say I listened to this on my way to work, and it definitely woke me up.  Nicki goes hard in this.  Love it.

RIHANNA – ANTI | Okay, this should actually get its own post.  What a dang good album.  The overall sound and lyrics of ANTI are incredible.  The flow from beginning to end.  Brilliant.  Comparing this album to others by Rihanna, this is by far her most mature piece of work.  If you’re an avid RiRi fan, I’m sure you’ll agree.  I encourage you to listen!  I promise it’s not a peppy pop album you’ll get sick of.  And listen to ‘Love on the Brain.’  That straight up doesn’t even sound like Rihanna, but has more of  a Beyonce and Macy Gray feel.  So good.  Listen, yinz!

FLINT CRISIS | Detroit native Big Sean donated $50,000 to support the Flint water crisis.  While some of you think he should have given more, it’s obviously way more than I’m sure you’ve given.  I don’t want to get into that discussion now,  but let’s just give a round of applause to the Sean Don for donating to this town in time of need.  Props!

Happy Friday!  Lots of exciting things week, so check back early next for a post!  And until then, I’ll be waiting for Ye to drop his album.

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