Hi, fam!  It’s definitely been a minute.  I admit I’ve been blowing it in regards to posting – I haven’t posted anything since mid-September.  Not okay.

Anyways.  Here to talk about really the only thing that’s become my life as of late – #MERCH.  For those of you who don’t know – yes, some have asked me what “merch” is – merch is short for merchandise.

Merriam-Webster defines merchandise as the following –

Now that we’re all up to speed, my focus is on concert and rapper #MERCH.  It truly  makes up 95% of my wardrobe.  What #MERCH am I wearing today?  Check it below –

I copped this at Jay-Z’s opening night of his 4:44 Tour in Anaheim at the Honda Center on Friday, 10/27.  And the concert was freaking amazing BTW.  I bought the Paris edition because they didn’t have LA.  They were selling Brooklyn and New York versions, but I thought Paris was the most unique.  And it reminded me of Watch The Throne, and I miss Kanye and Jay-Z together sooooo.  Yes, I think that much into my #MERCH purchases.


Quality: AMAZING.  Seriously, this is not your standard janky t-shirt that you feel is going to fall apart after one wash.  Well done, Hov.

Design: Now I’m no fashion designer or stylist, but I’m giving you my opinions anyway.

Color: I definitely don’t have a piece of #MERCH in a peach or tan colorway so glad to add this to my collection.  Not sure it’s the best color on me as sometimes I appear to be jaundice in yellow / tan colors.  IDGAF.  I like it.

Front: Clean and simple.

Back: I wish I would have gotten a better look at the back of the other city’s shirts so I could compare, but I was a few beers in and don’t remember.  I like it though.  Black and white, newspaper vibes.

Sleeves: It may be a little much to have “4:44” on one sleeve and “Jay:Z” on another, but because the front of the shirt is so simple, I think it works.

Tag: Love, love, love a custom shirt tag.  It makes the shirt that much more meaningful.

Cost: $50 – This isn’t bad for the quality.  Trussssss mi.  The quality is v good and well worth the price.  And the concert ticket was free so all is good.

What will I wear next Monday?  Wait on iiiiiiit.




SNIPPET: Jay Z – “Adnis”

Yooooo.  I was in the middle of writing my #NobodySafeTour recap and saw on Twitter that a new Jay Z song is in the works.

Remember that Sprint x Tidal teaser that aired during the NBA Finals?  Well a new clip has surfaced, and the background song appears to be new Jay Z.  Happy Father’s Day to you, sir!

I definitely do not have Tidal, but you can click here to watch the 30-second spot.

Now back to this Future concert post…

Serge’s Selections – A Day Late :) 6.7.16

Can we talk about the songs I’ve been feeling?  K good.

With ‘Damn Daniel’ references and mentions of his ‘gorgeous’ paper trail mixed with some King Push, how can you not like ‘Drug Dealers Anonymous’?  The song is the first single off of Pusha T’s upcoming album King Push.  And if Jay is featured on one more song and we don’t get a new Hov project, I’m gonna lose it.


Listen here!

Yassss.  I am so down for a RiRi remix, especially when it’s a song from her last album (and one of my favorites) ANTI.  With a dance floor beat (again, my fave), KAYTRANADA gives Rihanna’s ‘Kiss It Better’ a makeover.  Why I like this?  Well, one it’s Rihanna and two because it puts a more upbeat spin on the song.


Listen here!

Now for this selection, I probably wouldn’t normally highlight a Wale track, but any man who can hit a falsetto (aka Eric Bellinger), I’m down for the get down.  The ‘Spare Time (Remix)’ is one I definitely bump in my car.  While a rare pairing for a remix, I think it works well – it’s good in an unexpected way!

Chune in here.

travis meme

And for the grand finale, no it’s not an entire Travi$ Scott project which we thought we were going to get, we do have a new song featuring  Young Thug and Quavo.  It’s lit!  Thank you to the plug for sending this my way.  I just can’t get enough of Travy.  Pick up the phone here.

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Weekly Wrap-Up 4.24.15


FullSizeRender_2Last Sunday I ventured to the OVO pop-up shop Drake is hosting in Los Angeles.  Like most pop-up shops or really any urban clothing store, they are very small inside.  I approached the door, only to be stopped by a security/bodyguard type man, if you will, sporting an OVO t-shirt.  I patiently waited until a few customers left, and it was my turn to go inside.  Drake visited the shop on April 8, and I had to think that if I was there on that day, I would have fainted.  The store is so small, we could have literally bumped into each other.  ANYWHO.  Check out some pictures below.  And you know I had to buy something – the checkout bag is even OVO-approved.

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender_3FullSizeRender (1)



Beyonce & JAY Z - On The Run Tour - New Jersey

Earlier this week, internationally recognized DJ, DJ Skee, revealed the highly-anticipated joint project is nearing completion and will be released exclusively on TIDAL, Jay Z’s streaming service.  Now I’ve downloaded the app but have yet to subscribe, even for the free 30-day trial.  I’ve been reading a lot on the pros and cons of the app, mostly cons (the biggest being the $20 monthly fee compared to Spotify’s $9.99/month, which is what  I have and love).  I like the exclusivity TIDAL offers to its subscribers, such as this album for example.  However, I think the app needs some fine-tuning and updating before I fork over $20/month.  Now if Jay Z were to call me personally (like he’s doing to subscribers to thank them) to tell me why I need to sign up, then maybe I’ll reconsider.  So for now, I can only hope the album will get put on Spotify or somewhere on the Internet so I can listen.  Guess I’ll just have to be patient!

Do any of you use TIDAL?  If you do, what do you think of it so far?  Those who don’t have it, why not?  Would love to know your thoughts.

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