#MERCHMONDAY: 2 Chainz Shop Edition

Happy Monday, yinz!  Today’s #MERCHMONDAY involves one of my favorite – and most consistent – rappers out there.  My dude 2 Chainz.  Not only is his music fire, but he also knows what he’s doing when it comes to #MERCH.  Unfortunately, the 2 Chainz Shop is currently unavailable, but when it’s live… it’s live.  You can visit his actual site here in the meantime.

Since 2015 and around Christmas time, he’s been selling the Dabbing Santa sweaters where a handful of proceeds go to fundraisers and others in need.  He’s raised well over $2 million from that #MERCH.  So great.  More info on that line of #MERCH here.

This past holiday season, he launched a new line of clothing.  One was a Christmas sweater print inspired coaches TRAP jacket, which is what I purchased after a few glasses of wine in, obviously. Today is my first day wearing it, and I love it.  It’s also the perfect day to wear this jacket since it’s raining in LA, and the material is made for such weather.  Check out each individual image below to get a closer look.

Quality: When I first took it out of the package last night, it was a little stiff.  So I hung it up over night, and luckily it softened.  And as I mentioned before, it’s great material to wear in the rain.  So far so good!

Design: Less is more when it comes to #MERCH.  And this jacket fits that mold.  The black exterior with the small white logo on the front and then the “sweater” print in black and light pink on the back is great.  Perfect for men and women to wear.  I will say though when I first saw the logo on the front, I thought it was misshapen.  Then after a closer look and also seeing it on the back, I realized it’s a thumbs up.  Phew.  Didn’t want to have to send that back.

Cost: I paid about $50 for this jacket, and that included shipping and tax.  I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of this, so I think it’s a all-in price.

Overall, I’ll continue to support 2 Chainz – both in the forms of concert tickets and #MERCH.




Photo of 2 Chainz wearing his “Dabbin’ Santa” sweater by Joseph Moore.


Feel Good Friday – #GLOBALMERCH Edition

Yinz!  First of all, I hope you had a great week.  Secondly, wait until you see this #MERCH I recently received.  It’s super cool.  Super unique.  And for a super good cause.

Let me tell you about this organization before I jump into this #MERCH.

One of my longtime friends, like have known since elementary school long, is the co-founder of United Underdogs – a company that works with sports organizations and fans everywhere to protect our environment and improve lives globally.  They partner with brands to not only inspire a global sports audience but more importantly to impact the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues.  It’s a pretty dope concept.

And what makes this organization even more dope is the fact that they have #MERCH, or as I like to call it – #GLOBALMERCH.

You can purchase a piece of handmade #MERCH – in this case a unique artisan gift – to support.  Upon purchase, Underdogs United will contribute one carbon credit – their funding mechanism – to their clean cookstoves project in East Africa to help those breathe cleaner air and save trees from deforestation.


I love this whole entire concept and the #MERCH.  Thank you again, Steve… and to the entire Underdogs United team.  Appreciate what you guys are doing!

#MERCHMONDAY: Anti Running Running Club

What.  Up.  Fam.

Hope yinz had a great weekend!  I was busy running around the insanity that was ComplexCon down in Long Beach, CA.  I have v. mixed feelings about that whole scene, but we aren’t here to talk about that right now.  Let’s focus on #MERCH because it is #MERCHMONDAY.

Last week I was gifted the following fire – an Anti Running Running Club t-shirt.  Like are you kidding me?  You know I don’t run, so this is the perfect piece of #MERCH for me.  Yes, I understand it says “running club,” but like it’s anti.  It makes sense to me so that’s all that matters.  Major shout out to the good people at @nevernotbootleggin and especially Hector for this one.  THANK YOU.


Quality: It’s solid!  It’s a Gildan tee and those have always held up nicely for me.

Design: Those of you familiar with this logo and design should already know it’s a “bootleg” version of the Anti Social Social Club.  I’ve always been a fan of the look of that brand – it’s super recognizable but also clean.

Cost: This one was a gift, but it does retail for $30 which is pretty average for a t-shirt.  Definitely worth it.  Buy it here!

I also customized my own piece of #MERCH, courtesy of the JanSport booth at ComplexCon.  Check it on my IG.

Until next time.


Hi, fam!  It’s definitely been a minute.  I admit I’ve been blowing it in regards to posting – I haven’t posted anything since mid-September.  Not okay.

Anyways.  Here to talk about really the only thing that’s become my life as of late – #MERCH.  For those of you who don’t know – yes, some have asked me what “merch” is – merch is short for merchandise.

Merriam-Webster defines merchandise as the following –

Now that we’re all up to speed, my focus is on concert and rapper #MERCH.  It truly  makes up 95% of my wardrobe.  What #MERCH am I wearing today?  Check it below –

I copped this at Jay-Z’s opening night of his 4:44 Tour in Anaheim at the Honda Center on Friday, 10/27.  And the concert was freaking amazing BTW.  I bought the Paris edition because they didn’t have LA.  They were selling Brooklyn and New York versions, but I thought Paris was the most unique.  And it reminded me of Watch The Throne, and I miss Kanye and Jay-Z together sooooo.  Yes, I think that much into my #MERCH purchases.


Quality: AMAZING.  Seriously, this is not your standard janky t-shirt that you feel is going to fall apart after one wash.  Well done, Hov.

Design: Now I’m no fashion designer or stylist, but I’m giving you my opinions anyway.

Color: I definitely don’t have a piece of #MERCH in a peach or tan colorway so glad to add this to my collection.  Not sure it’s the best color on me as sometimes I appear to be jaundice in yellow / tan colors.  IDGAF.  I like it.

Front: Clean and simple.

Back: I wish I would have gotten a better look at the back of the other city’s shirts so I could compare, but I was a few beers in and don’t remember.  I like it though.  Black and white, newspaper vibes.

Sleeves: It may be a little much to have “4:44” on one sleeve and “Jay:Z” on another, but because the front of the shirt is so simple, I think it works.

Tag: Love, love, love a custom shirt tag.  It makes the shirt that much more meaningful.

Cost: $50 – This isn’t bad for the quality.  Trussssss mi.  The quality is v good and well worth the price.  And the concert ticket was free so all is good.

What will I wear next Monday?  Wait on iiiiiiit.