MIXTAPE: Meek Mill – ‘Dreamchasers 4’

UPDATE:  It’s here!  Stream/buy it on Apple Music for now until it drops on DatPiff.  Aaaaand, here you go

So word on the street is that Meek Mill will finally be dropping his pretty hyped up Dreamchasers 4 (DC4) mixtape tomorrow.

And the following may be the tracklist –


Meek did post the following on his social channels as well a few days ago (photo courtesy of Karen Civil) –


We shall see!  Stay tuned to this post, as I’ll drop in the streaming link once he releases the tape.  Will there be any Drake disses?  Ugh.  Ready when you are, Meek.

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Weekly Wrap-Up 4.8.16

Heyyyy, fam.  Lots going on this week in the hip-hop world.

First we have a Mr. Chris Brown making an appearance in Hermosa and Manhattan Beach.  Why does that area sound so familiar?  Well, I live there.  Technically in Redondo Beach, but I’m legit a mile from Hermosa and when I do venture out in the South Bay, that’s typically where I go.  He was there filming a music video for what is sure to be everyone’s new summer dance anthem called ‘Paradise.’  Chris Brown is a feature on this song, as Benny Benassi is the lead.

This song follows the duos 2011 collaboration ‘Beautiful People’ off of CB’s album F.A.M.E.

Now let’s talk about this HOT 97 Summer Jam lineup.  I’ve actually been seeing a little negativity about the lineup on Twitter but to me I think it’s pretty lit.  If I was in New York, I would definitely look into purchasing tickets.  I really need LA to host something like this!  Yes, you have Power 106 and Real 92.3 doing their yearly big concerts, but I’m talking a MAJOR concert lineup held at like the Rose Bowl.  Who knows, maybe one of these stations will host something at the new Rams stadium once built.  That would be dope.  Lineup below.  What do yinz think?

2016 Summer Jam lineup

This remix though.  If you watched me premiere it to myself on Snapchat last night, you already know how I feel about it.  The song features August Alsina, Miguel, and Trey Songz.  Do you think Chris Brown will get some other R&B artists for a third remix? I say keep them coming!

And finally, start your weekend off with some ‘Trap Vibes.’  Meek Mill hops on to do a freestyle of Drake’s ‘Summer Sixteen’ and Desiigner’s ‘Panda.’  The song dropped just a few hours after Drake dropped ‘Pop Style’ and ‘One Dance.’  Coincidence?

That’s all for today!  Have a good one, yinz.  I’m off to the LA Beer Fest tomorrow – drink up!

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Serge’s Selections 7.27.15

On Saturday, July 25, Drake dropped three new tracks via the Beats 1 Radio Show (Apple Music – OVO Sound Radio).

‘Charged Up’ | This diss track is in response to Meek Mill accusing Drake of using an alleged ‘ghostwriter.’  Drake hasn’t publicly spoken before this regarding the accusation.  He even brought Nicki into the track!  All I’m going to say is Meek can keep Tweeting and Drake can keep dropping bars 🙂  “Wow, I’m honored that you think this is staged.  I’m flattered man, in fact, I’m amazed.”

‘Hotline Bling’ | Rapping over a sample of D.R.A.M.’s hit ‘Cha Cha,’ Drake debuted the song at his barber’s wedding.  He shows his softer side (not to be unexpected) as he sings to a special lady about late night calls on his cell phone.  “You used to call me on my cell phone.  Late night when you need my love.”

‘Right Hand’ | Over a West Coast beat produced by Vinylz, Drizzy raps about a go-to girl and ensures her she won’t find anyone better.  “You’re my right hand, you’re my go to.  Told me everything about you.  That’s a bold move.”

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Mondays: Meek Mill, Miguel, & Moments

Although today started off pretty rough due to a very tiring and long (but epic!) mosh pit-filled day yesterday, there’s nothing like some new music to brighten up my day.  Meek Mill (album art left) and Miguel’s (album art right) new albums dropped today and are available on Spotify.

meekmill-dwmtm miguel-wildheart

I have yet to listen to each of the albums straight though, but here are some of my favorites thus far:

Dreams Worth More Than Money – Meek Mill
‘All Eyes On You’ ft. Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj – saw this performed live at the BET Awards!
‘R.I.C.O.’ ft. Drake (probably my favorite. shocker)
‘Pullin’ Up’ ft. The Weeknd
‘Bad For You’ ft. Nicki Minaj

Stream the album below:

‘Hollywood Dreams’
‘face the sun’ ft. Lenny Kravitz

I can’t find the direct streaming of Wildheart, so you’ll just have to check it out for yourselves 🙂

Lots of listening to do!

BET Awards | SO many epic moments at the BET Awards last night!  Seeing all of the celebrities behind the scenes before they go out into the spotlight, watching the stage crew transform new sets in minutes, and just being so so close to the actual performances – truly so incredible and fascinating to me!  If you were watching the awards, I was in the left mosh pit and in the back left corner, so I doubt that you could see me at all.  Oh well!

My top performances of the night were definitely Diddy’s reunion of Bad Boy Entertainment.  It was 10 minutes of pure 90s insanity, and I loved every minute of it.  He brought out French Montana, Janelle Monae, and Chris Brown for the dance break, plus many others.  If you want to be entertained, I suggest you watch it here.  And no, I was not near Diddy when he fell on the stage.  I actually didn’t even know that happened until I saw it online.

From Kendrick Lamar opening the show to The Weeknd and Alicia Keys performing Abel’s ‘Earned It’ together, it was all so so good.  Janet Jackson entered the stage by the mosh pit I was in – Janet. Jackson.  The sister of Michael Jackson.  I die.  Chris Brown, during one of the performances he was a part of, was standing so close to me, I could have reached out and grabbed his leg!  Big Sean did an incredible job too.  Even the Smokey Robinson tribute was wonderful!  I truly just love being in those environments, and I wish phones were allowed because I would have live streamed it all for you guys.  I just really want to help put on an event like the BET Awards or the GRAMMYs.  That would be ultimate.

So on that note, I hope your weekend was filled with lots of amazing moments, as well!  Happy Monday!

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Weekly Wrap-Up 5.15.15

Meek Mill’s freestyle over Drake’s ‘Energy’ from If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late is straight fire.  Some of Meek’s songs I can’t really listen to just because I feel like he is yelling at me.  A bit too aggressive.  But this.  This is good.  Listen below.


I don’t know much longer I can contain my excitement – it feels like I haven’t been to a hip-hop concert in eons.  Tomorrow is Power 106‘s annual Powerhouse concert, and I cannot wait to dance like a fool to some Yeezus and shake my ‘money maker’ when Luda hits the stage and rap with Kid Ink (Chris Brown’s doppelganger), among others who are set to perform.  The problem (not really a problem) with these major hip-hop concerts is that my mind starts racing as to who the special guests are going to be.  That is definitely one of the perks of concerts in Los Angeles – you never know who will make a surprise appearance, and I get all geared up just thinking about it.  What if Luda brings out Miguel for his newer song ‘Good Lovin’ or if Kanye brings out Kendrick Lamar for his verse on ‘All Day?’  I’ll lose it.  Pics and videos to come next week!

And perfect timing – just came across this awesome behind-the-scenes video of Powerhouse, courtesy of HipHopDX.  Check it here!

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