NEW (sorta): Travi$ Scott – “Dinosaurs”

Some will judge and say “real fans heard this last year,” but I don’t really care because I’m just really hearing it for the first time.

About 20 minutes ago, La Flame Tweeted a YouTube link to an “unreleased” song titled “Dinosaurs.”  Could this be on his upcoming album Astroworld?  Why would he be Tweeting this a year later?  Any way…

The track, about five and a half minutes long, carries that same Travi$ vibe – that slow, almost sensual, sound.




Can someone please let me know if he’s out of jail?  He’s been Tweeting so please LMK.

Until then, Travi$ Scott gave us all more life last night with three new tracks.  I cannot tell you how much I love his music and his vibe as an artist overall.  His look, energy, passion… thriving.

Okay, let’s jump into these songs on SoundCloud below.

“Butterfly Effect”

Produced by Murda Beatz, “Butterfly Effect” will definitely be thrown into my summer vibes rotation.  This song could have easily been on Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight.  It resembles “Through the Late Night” when it comes to the vocals.

“A Man”

“A Man” starts with a long instrumental intro then cutting straight into some good late night party vibes.  Lyric call-out: “You need to say grace before you say thanks.”  This is also the type of song I’d listen to in order to get ish done.  And although for only a short time, I love when his verse speeds up at the end.

“Green & Purple ft. Playboi Carti”

All I’m going to say about this one is…. “Magnolia” vibes.

Will these tracks be on Astroworld?  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  TBH, I sort of hope not.  I want that NEW NEW.

MUSIC + VIDEO: SZA ft. Travi$ Scott – “Love Galore”

Can’t forget about the other epic song that dropped today – this morning to be exact.  I was getting ready for work and got the notification that a new song featuring Travi$ Scott released.

*Pause everything*

Definitely had to stop what I was doing to listen.  Well, not only did we get a new song from SZA (pronounced SIZ-UH), we received the visuals to the track as well.  Love when that happens.  Directed by Nabil and part of the Top Dawg Entertainment family (Kendrick’s squad), the visuals are sensual, sexy, and a little chilling.

Initially I first heard the audio, but after watching the video and listening, I’m thinking of the song in a completely different way.  What I was picturing in my head during that first listen was definitely not what was being portrayed in the video.

And OMG, the ending… like what?!  Was NOT expecting that.

SZA is a SZAVAGE for this one.

Watch above!

MUSIC: Frank Ocean – “Lens”

“I got two versions.” -Frank Ocean

And that he does.

Last night (Saturday, April 22) Frank Ocean released a new song titled “Lens” on another surprise episode of blonded RADIO on Apple Music.  Funny how Frank disappeared for four years before giving us Blonde, and now he’s dropping surprise radio station episodes AND new tracks.  Any who.  One version is with Frank solo dolo, but the other features one of my absolute favorites – Travi$ Scott.

The version with just Frank is around four minutes long, and the one with Travi$ is a little over six, and it is everything.

p u r e  v i b e s

 “Lens” has a god-like sound and exudes some MAJOR Kanye “808s & Heartbreak” vibes.  The Auto-Tune.  Wow.  I’m listening now as I’m writing this, and I’m so obsessed.  This song should honestly be called “Vibes” instead of “Lens.”  Imagine listening to this while floating in the ocean, riding a bike along the beach, exploring your city, driving down the freeway in the rain – it fits so many scenarios.  Here for it.

And as if the song can’t get any vibey-er (obviously not a word), Frank calls on La Flame to take “Lens” to the next level.  Now, I heard “Lens” last night but didn’t hear the T. Scott version until I was driving home from a friend’s house this AM.  And fam am I glad I didn’t hear it until then.  Driving up the 405 with the windows down and sun shining – w o a h.  I definitely had a moment.  A moment of inspiration and just thinking how epic the hip-hop community is and all these amazing collabs we continue to get.  Our favorite artists hopping on tracks with one another that we wouldn’t expect.  Hearing familiar sounds of other artists on certain songs and albums.

m a g i c

Got a little sidetracked there, but I think it’s important for us as fans to really appreciate not just a new song but the artist(s) behind those songs and the magic that went down to get us that new song.  Now I’m sure most tracks don’t come together in one singular moment, but I would love to be in a recording studio for when that happens.  Or just in general.  I think it would be very motivational.  Bucket list item for sure.

Okay, enough of me rambling.  Listen to the two versions below, and let me know if you catch the same vibe I did.

Hope yinz are having the most epic Sunday!

VIDEO: Travi$ Scott – “goosebumps”

UDPATE 10:01AM PST:  Just watched the video, and it is nothing short of epic and uniquely trippy.  I’d expect nothing less from Travi$ Scott!  And I really like Kendrick’s placement in the video as well.  Travi$ continues to kill the game.

It’s here!  Travi$ Tweeted last week he would be dropping this video, and I’m glad he has blessed us with these visuals on a Monday.  What a good start to the week.  Watch here!

I’m about to watch for the first time myself.  Too pumped for this.  Let me know what you think!

Happy Monday, yinz!

Travi$ Scott Announces “Birds Eye View” Tour Dates

And just like that we have another tour announcement.  Travi$ Scot Tweeted the first phase dates of his tour.


And guess what?  He’s making a stop in Pittsburgh!  I am v. excited for my fellow yinzers.


I’m not seeing a true Los Angeles date though.  He’s performing both weekends at Coachella and making a stop in Santa Barbara.  I’d be down for the Santa Barbara stop, but it’s happening on a Wednesday.  Who does that?  Travi$ I suppose.  Okay, again I can’t be too upset because he is part of Rolling Loud, and I have my wristband for that.

Regardless, you know this will be a dope concert.  Travi$ Scott’s energy level is on 100 just about all of the time, and the love he has for his fans is what makes me like him even more as an artist. Click on the GIF below for a previous post I wrote about Travi$ Scott who opened for Rihanna’s ANTI Tour.


Check out all the tour dates for phase one here.  Is he coming to your city?  Maybe phase two he will throw in a Los Angeles date.  Please and thank you.

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REMIX: Travi$ Scott – ‘Swang’

Tracks on tracks on tracks.  Many thanks to Travi$ for giving us yet more new music.  Well, this isn’t entirely new – it’s actually a remix of Rae Sremmurd’s song, ‘Swang.’


I first heard it Sunday morning right when I woke up.  Talk about a great way to start my day.  The original was produced by Chase B who is actually Travi$’ right hand dude and DJ, so it sort of makes sense Travy put his own, Auto-Tune take on it.

Listen to La Flame below.

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NEW… sort of: Usher ft. Master P, Travi$ Scott, 2 Chainz, A$AP Ferg, Gucci Mane – ‘No Limit (G-Mix)’

As I was driving to work this morning, Power 106 played a remix that I’m mad at myself I’m just hearing for the first time.  Usher was in for the Cruz Show so they had a bunch of his songs in rotation… obviously.

Well, this one remix really had my morning commute lit.

I already love Usher’s track ‘No Limit’ featuring Young Thug, but this G-Mix he whipped together…


The remix features Travi$ Scott, Gucci Mane, A$AP Ferg, Master P, and 2 Chainz.  It’s like a trap lovers paradise.

So please listen below, and you can thank me later.

This actually dropped back in August, sooooo clearly I’ve been sleeping.

Oh well!

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REVIEW: Travi$ Scott – “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight”

I know I haven’t reviewed Blonde yet or posted my recap of the VMAs, but this Travis Scott project is where it’s at right now.  Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight (BITTSM) is Travis’ second album, and it’s packed with 14 tracks of flames.  This is the album that if someone asked me what type of beats/sounds do I like, I would have them play this project… in its entirety.

If this is the first review from californyinz you’re reading, here’s what it entails:  me listening to the album as I write, my initial thoughts come out as word vomit, I make it readable, and publish for your enjoyment.  This one’s a little different though because I’ve already listened to BITTSM three or four times, whereas my other reviews are written during the first listen.  You can read a few of my initial thoughts when it dropped on Friday here.

Okay, let’s jump right into this –

the ends | When Travis hits those first lyrics, it sounds like to me it’s the beginning of a Travis Scott concert – what he would open with.  It’s dramatic, has the distinct Auto-Tune sound we all know Travis for… and with the lyric “if I make it out tonight, let’s make it a bad ass time” – that is definitely a line to kick off the night – whether it be at a concert, going out with your friends, the turn up, etc. Then at about a minute in we get the tone for the rest of the album.  And when that 1:10 mark hits – Travis is back with the beats.  Cue André 3000.  Like what.  Who was expecting that?  So epic.

way back | That James Harden shout out.  Another banger.  “It’s summertime why they tryin’ to throw shade?”  This is a summertime vibe song for sure.  Hanging with your friends at a house party… getting the night or party started.  Although it’s only the second song, I feel like on a lot of albums, artists switch up the vibe completely from the first song but ‘way back’ keeps it going from track one.  Also important to note:  During his .WAV radio episode on Friday he mentioned that a lot of his songs tend to have extra sounds at the end – like an extended two minutes and some people may not like that.  But he doesn’t care because that’s him.  He keeps a track going because it’s what he wants to hear.  To him he feels like that completes the song.  I feel this is the case on ‘way back.’  With about two minutes left, the song switches up where you could have probably ended it.  I am not one of those people  complaining – keep the beats coming.  You can hear that same theme (extension of a track) on the second half of his song ‘Pornography’ from his first album, Rodeo.  

coordinate | Okay, let’s talk about ‘coordinate’ and how when I heard it for the first time, I thought Future was about to jump on the track.  Disclaimer:  This is not a negative thing – just making a comparison, and I love how other artists inspire one another.  It has that same creep-up beat followed by some smooth vibes.  Future’s track obviously hits a little harder because duh it’s Future.  But I’m feeling ‘coordinate’ a lot.  I would listen to this one driving late night.

through the late night | This track though has some serious inspirational vibes to it.  I’m not even talking about what it sounds like but more of who is on the track.  Kid Cudi, Travis’ role model and artist he looks up to, is on the track.  Fun fact:  Travis chose his last name of Scott because that is Kid Cudi’s real name – Scott Mescudi.  I learned that on the very first episode of .WAV radio.  And you have to love how Travis raps a few lines from one of Cudi’s biggest hits ‘Day N’ Night’.  Like you’re listening to this new song and those lyrics drop – I definitely did a double take/listen on that.  Inspo on top of inspo.

beibs in the trap | Opening this track is Nav, a Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer from Toronto.  This is the first time I’ve ever heard of him, but clearly I’m fond of rappers and singers from Toronto so looks like I’ll have to check his music out.  This song dips into the chill vibes, not mad about that.  It’s not one of my top tracks from the album but still good to vibe to.

sdp interlude | Want to talk about real chill vibes though?  This interlude is it, and I’m about it.  It’s like Travis is saying, “Okay, guys intermission.  I’ll be back for the rest of the turn up in two to three minutes.”

sweet sweet | And we back with the beats.  I would listen to this song while getting ready for the night.  He raps a few lines about how he managed to become pretty freaking successful despite all the hardships and obstacles along the way and while growing up.  And during Friday’s episode of .WAV radio, Trav stated this track was his favorite off the album.

outside | ft. 21 Savage.  Thiiiiiiis track right here.  Love how it begins.  You hear this at a club… then the DJ drops the beat… wowwww.  Then jumps in 21 Savage who adds a darker side to the track with his voice and lyrics.  This track is like don’t mess with me and my team.  Bye.

goosebumps | This song gives me goosebumps which is ironic because that’s what this song implies.  It’s Kendrick Lamar and Travis rapping about how their lover gives them goosebumps.  This song is unique to me because you don’t typically think of Travis Scott and a love song, if you will.  It’s about how a girl makes him feel when she’s around, when she’s not around, when he’s around other girls… lots of different scenarios.  But it’s really great, and the fact Kendrick is on this.  Wow.  Again, wasn’t expecting this feature, but it is much appreciated.

first take | Okay, again… with the surprise feature.  Were these features known or was I just not paying attention?  Bryson Tiller though?  “You think too much, we all know.”  I have been told that too many times *upside down smiley face emoji*.  Travis is getting emotional, and I like seeing that side of an artist especially an artist like Travis where you tend to think of his music as just turn-up and rage all night music.  Then about three minutes in, you hear the beautiful sounds that are of Bryson Tiller’s angelic voice.  Bryson was the perfect feature for this track since most of his own songs (Trapsoul) are a tad bit emotional, singing/rapping about lost love, current girls, etc.

pick up the phone | Yasssss.  I act like I haven’t played this song a million times before.  So glad it’s on the album, and it almost serves as a pick-me-up from the previous track.  And when I say pick-me-up, I’m not talking about the meaning of the song because it’s about a girl not picking up the phone, rather I’m talking about the beat.  Clearly you can tell I’m into beats.  We also have the other main man of trap, Mr. Young Thug, on the track so it’s a really great collab.

lose | This song opens with a semi-majestic sound.  It also reminds me of the Rick Ross ft. Big Sean and Kanye track, ‘Sanctified’ at about the 1:30 mark – like the super back and down beat; it’s like the faster version of what it sounds like on ‘lose.’  I feel boss listening to this one.  You’ll also pick up on some vocals from Cassie.

guidance | Okay, now this song reminds me of the Drake track featuring PartyNextDoor, ‘With You.’  It has that sort of island vibe Drake has been giving us.  I also love that Roy Woods is on ‘guidance.’  Another one associated with Drake.  I love it.  I want to listen to this on the beach.  This song portrays another unique sound Travis is able to create.

wonderful | I could not be happier that this song is closing out the album.  One of my favorite songs of 2015; I think this track dropped Christmas Eve last year.  It’s wonderful.  Travis is wonderful.  The Weeknd is wonderful.  The album is wonderful.  I don’t really have anything deep to say about this track – I just really like it.  It’s one of those songs I forget to play but when I hear it, I’m like waiiiiit a second… life giving.  Perfect ending to the album.

Overall, I have to say I’d put this album in my top five albums that dropped this year so far.  It’s what I wanted from Travis.  Why do I like Travis so much?  This album explains that.  You have to remember that Travis stepped into the music scene as a producer – he was known for creating dope beats.  Then he turned into an artist.  And again, you should all know by now the beat of a song makes it for me so if you have an album of 14-beat heavy tracks mixed with trap sounds, rapping, and a hint of Kanye… you know I’m going to love it.

I even love how he left all the track titles lowercased.  It’s the little things.

That’s all, yinz – stay tuned for the next post, and have a ‘wonderful’ Labor Day!

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