MUSIC: Majid Jordan ft. PartyNextDoor – ‘One I Want’

Sound, sound, sound…

I am very excited about this track.  Majid Jordan and PartyNextDoor together?  Yes, please.  Love seeing the OVO Sound artists come together.

From the initial Majid Jordan beats of the song mixed with PND’s voice… living.

Vibe out here, and hopefully this means we get more music from Majid aka a new project.



MUSIC: Majid Jordan – “Phases”

What a nice surprise!  Well, a surprise to me at least.

As I was casually scrolling through Twitter, I stumbled across a new track from one of my favorite duos – Majid Jordan.  I saw them in concert last fall for the first time, and they were so good live.  Definitely recommend seeing them.

Okay, so “Phases” starts out really slow on the piano.  Right as those opening vocals hit though… YASSS.

“I keep going through different phases, stay going through different phases”

Then slowly but surely, you start to hear the song pick up.  At about one minute in, the tempo quickens but in a very subtle way.

Then when the real deal beat picks up…

“omg. this is a new sound for majid!  it sounds a little more techno but I AM HERE FOR IT.  I LOVE THIS.”

The quote above was my actual real-time reaction to listening to that part of the song for the first time, so I decided to leave it.  Clearly, I’m v excited.

But yes, listen to the song here on Apple Music!

PS – I think Majid Jordan makes the best late night driving music.  And this song in particular is perfect for those late night summertime drives.

Anyway, I’m really digging “Phases,” and I’m hoping that the release of this song means a new project is on the way!  Or at least one sometime this year 🙂

Hope yinz had an epic Thursday!

Concert Review: Majid Jordan “North America II” Tour

So last night was pretty amazing.  I had the pleasure of seeing the Canadian duo that is Majid Jordan perform in LA at The Forum Theatre.  Now, this wasn’t the typical concert I attend – you know, where everyone’s jumping up and down, rapping all the words… the turn-up.  Last night’s concert was pure vibes.  For those of you who have never heard of the duo or if you have and have yet to listen to their music, I highly recommend doing so.

Quick background:  Majid Jordan posted their first project on SoundCloud back in 2011 titled afterhours and under the pseudonym of Good People.  Skip to 2013 when Drake’s producer Noah Shebib aka 40 caught wind of afterhours and signed them to OVO Sound.  From there, Majid Jordan co-produced Drake’s hit single “Hold On, We’re Going Home”.  In 2014, they released their first EP, A Place Like This (my favorite) and earlier this year released their self-titled debut by OVO Sound, featuring a song with Drake called “My Love.”  And now they are on the second leg of their North American tour.  Good tings.

Speaking of their tour, last night’s setlist included the following –

  • “All I Do”
  • “A Place Like This”
  • “My Love”
  • “Small Talk”
  • “For So Long”
  • “Every Step Every Way”
  • “Forever”
  • “Something About You”
  • “Make It Work”
  • “Warm”
  • “Shake Shake Shake”
  • “Her”
  • “Patience”
  • “Day And Night”
  • “King City”
  • “Learn From Each Other”

Pretty much all of my favorite songs of theirs.  And while their stage lighting remained on the darker, more mysterious side, their presence and energy was the complete opposite.  They had guys singing, girls swooning, and the whole crowd vibing.  The last time I was at The Fonda it was May 2012, and I saw The Weeknd.  At that time, The Weeknd was nowhere near his current level of pop stardom and not many knew who he was.  (This was actually my favorite version of The Weeknd.)  So I can only hope that Majid Jordan, too, makes the same musical wave that The Weeknd has made with fans across the board.  And to think I have seen both of these artists start at The Forum.  So cool.

See what I’m talking about in my Snap Recap below, and DEFINITELY tune into my Snap (ergense) tonight as I’ll be hitting the Saint Pablo Tour… ON THE FLOOR.  I am too ready for this floating stage.  Yeezy taught me!

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Majid Jordan and Kendrick Lamar are back with two new tracks.  Some of you may not be too familiar with Majid Jordan, but they’re a Canadian duo (part of OVO Sound) who make beautiful music!  I listen to them a lot at night when I’m getting ready for bed or just trying to be productive.

Listen to their new song ‘King City’ here!  Their self-titled debut is set for a release on February 5.  Looking forward to it!

Now I hope yinz all know who Kendrick Lamar is.  He premiered his new song, ‘Untitled 2,’ on Jimmy Fallon tonight.  I absolutely love that he’s getting so much POSITIVE recognition.  The Compton native recently performed in LA over Christmas – a free concert to residents in the area.  And he also was the Grand Marshal for the Compton holiday parade.  He shows so much city pride.  Kendrick is also up for ELEVEN Grammy nominations.  That is one less in a year than MIchael Jackson’s record-breaking 12 noms in 1984.  Incredible.  I love it.

Watch his performance below!

Also, Kim tweeted.  See below.  You Kanye fans should be super pumped about this.  I know I am!  Looks like Ye might be bringing back the GOOD Fridays format for SWISH! Yeeeeee.


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NEW: Majid Jordan – ‘Learn From Each Other’

On yesterday’s episode of Beats 1, Majid Jordan took over the airwaves on OVO Sound Radio.  Majid debuted the new song ‘Learn From Each Other’, and it’s filled with electro-R&B sounds.  Once again, the duo doesn’t disappoint.

And even more exciting, they are working on their follow-up album to 2014’s EP A Place Like This.

Listen here!  Hope you’re all having a great Sunday!

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For your Sunday night…

I know it’s super late for you East Coasters, but you can still enjoy this for your morning commute or late night during the week.  Majid Jordan, a Canadian record producing and performing duo – Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman – are signed to the OVO Sound record label.  You may best know the duo from Drake’s ‘Hold On We’re Going Home.’

Well, they recently put out a 20-minute mix, titled ‘[|]’ that right now is all I’m listening to.  Well, I’ve been listening to other songs, but this every night for sure.  It has a chill and relaxing vibe with soulful beats and a soothing sound.  Enough typing – listen below!  What do you think?  You do not need to be a fan of rap at all to like this.  And  if that isn’t your speed, I encourage you to check out their other tracks, which can be found here.   Love!

Have a great week, everyone!

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