ALBUM: Future – “Future”

Future’s self-titled album, Future, dropped quite earlier than expected!  It’s official release date is tomorrow which typically means it will drop at 9PM PST / 12AM EST the night before, but here we are at 8AM PST with it!  Well for now, it’s only available for steaming on Spotify.  So if you have that service, you’re in luck.

I do not… #TeamAppleMusic.  So until then, check it out, and let me know how it is!

Stream it here, thanks to Complex!

And sorry Future, I love your music, but this album artwork sort of looks like a sonogram.  One of the new 3D ones.  Which actually, I just looked up the true definition of “sonogram,” and it also means: a graph representing a sound, showing the distribution of energy at different frequencies.  There’s sort of a tie-in?

Any who…


Oh, and there are no features on this album… get to trappin’, yinz!

signature 2



Okay, well I definitely thought “Lemonade” was going to be a song.  But alas, it’s an ALBUM. 

I’m currently in a Lyft on my way to a party in Culver City, so I haven’t listed yet but with features from The Weeknd and Kendrick, you know it’s about to be lit. 

Thank you, Queen!  Stream it here