Snapchat Stories… Instagram Stories.  Twins.

The photo-sharing platform has just launched its newest feature which is basically identical to the Snapchat Story feature.  For those of you who don’t know about the Story, you can take a photo or video, post it to your Story, and it will live there for 24 hours and then disappear.

Instagram didn’t even bother to change the name!  Literally called it Instagram Stories, and it works the same as Snapchat Stories.  You can post photos and/or videos, add text, and doodle on your content.  IG Stories do give you the option of changing your drawing tool though – the neon one looks pretty dope.

I tested it out a bit ago, and it seems pretty simple.  How could it not be?  If you know how to work Snapchat, you will be able to figure this IG version out.

Check out my IG to see (@serge19) and learn how to worque it.

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