VIDEO: Tyler, The Creator – “Who Dat Boy”

You guys have to watch this.

Tyler is back with a new song and visuals, and I love all of it.  It was more like a mini film – not your standard music video.

From the opening scene to him stumbling across the neighborhood to freaking A$AP Rocky making an appearance… everything!  And the ending may be my favorite.

Watch “Who Dat Boy” below.  I hope yinz enjoy it as much as I did!



Video + Happy Friday

Below is a NSFW video, so please don’t watch at work or around your parents, re: language.

But this is basically how I’m feeling right now that it’s Friday.  Hype AF.  Tyler, The Creator and A$AP Rocky are really just doing their thing in the recording studio, as they rap over a remix to Kanye West’s ‘Freestyle 4’ from The Life of Pablo.

Tyler is rapping up a storm, while A$AP contributes some wild ad libs.

Check it out for yourself below, and while it is inappropriate language-wise, I’m pretty sure it will hype you up for the weekend, as well.

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