He’s a Classic Man…

So, last night was pretty epic for a Tuesday night.  I attended an event hosted by Vevo (major props and many thanks for the invite!) that highlighted their breakout artist of the year.  This year’s being Jidenna.  Now, I must admit that I don’t listen to Jidenna on the reg and really am only familiar with his ‘Classic Man’ song.  However, after seeing him live and hearing the new music he has lined up… holy. smokes.

The man is a natural entertainer.  From his facial expressions to his dance moves to his way of working the crowd, Jidenna has gained a new fan from me.  It also helped that he was performing literally right in front of me.  So cool.

At the NeueHouse venue in Hollywood, Syd and I checked in and were greeted with complimentary champagne.  There was an open bar with cocktails named after Jidenna songs and trends – very tasty BTW.  And as if the drinks weren’t enough of a treat, cue the mac and cheese bar and french fry cups.  I mean.  My dream.  But yes, thank you again to Vevo for being the host with the most!

Now back to the real star.  Check out my Snapchat story (ergense) from last night to get a better feel of what went down with Vevo’s breakout artist of the year!

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