Weekly Wrap-Up 5.1.15

bruce jennerWith my love of and fascination with the Kardashian krew, you didn’t think I’d pass up Brucey, now would ya?  I tuned into his interview last Friday, along with the 16 million other viewers.  Some think it was a money stunt.  Others think this may not be a real struggle or problem.  Others also say, “I don’t care. Why should I care?  It doesn’t relate to me.”  Those are your opinions, and that’s great.

But these are mine:

1.  If you actually watched it, he chuckled quite hard at the fact people think this is being done for money.  The Kardashians didn’t even appear on the interview.  I feel that if he wasn’t associated with the Kardashians, this ‘money stunt’ accusation wouldn’t be so intense.
2.  I could never imagine being an Olympic athlete (or an athlete at all) or a person in general internally struggling with gender identity.  Especially a male athlete and such a public figure, truly feeling like they don’t belong in their own skin.  So yes, I’d say that was a struggle and difficult to tell the world.
3.  You’re right, it is really none of our business – it’s his personal life.  But just because you cannot relate to this issue, I cannot either,  it doesn’t mean you should dismiss it. There are lots of situations and issues I cannot relate to, but I can still have empathy for that person.
4.  His interview educated me on the transgender community and other terms/phrases associated with gender identity.

Ultimately, if Bruce’s interview had even the slightest impact on someone else going through the same thing, then that’s what truly matters.  Saving a life, preventing a teenage suicide, or any age suicide for that matter, struggling internally with how to tell people.  If all it did was save or help one person, then talk away, Bruce!

And if you really don’t care about what he has to say, the transgender community, Bruce, or the Kardashians, then you shouldn’t be wasting your precious time by posting negative statuses on Facebook. 🙂  Also, if you’re reading this and don’t care, keep all negative and nasty thoughts to yourself.  Please and thank you.

*Said by Bruce Jenner at the end of his interview

For those of you who didn’t make it to Coachella this year, Chris Brown will make you feel like you were there in his newest music video.  The video is basically a giant rage cage on a school bus.  My favorite part is obviously during the dance break when CB shows off his epic dance moves.  Love or hate him, he can dance.  When he arrives at his final destination, he joins Deorro and Travi$ Scott on stage while spraying champagne at the Coachella crowd.  It’s a pretty dope video.  Check it!

drake winning
And shoutout to Drake for winning ‘Crossover Artist Of The Year’ at the 2015 Billboard Latin American Music Awards.  He beat out Pharrell and Jason Derulo in this category.  He also took home ‘Tropical Song Of The Year’ for Romeo Santos’ song ‘Odio,’ where Drake is a feature.  To read more, you can visit his ultimate (and my favorite) fansite, wordonroad.net.
Congrats! party emoji

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