Weekly Wrap-Up 7.17.15

Apologies for completely blowing it lately with regards to posting!  It’s easier said than done to maintain a blog while also holding a full-time job.  But that’s no excuse!  Anyways.

Many of you may have already seen what went down on Wednesday, July 15 from my social media posts.  But if you haven’t, I was fortunate enough to attend the ESPY Awards!  Never thought I’d be attending an award show dedicated to sports.  Many thanks to my roommate Kylie for taking me as her plus one and an even bigger thank you to her friend who hooked us up with not only tickets to the show but also to walk down the red carpet and to the official after party!  So many things crossed off my bucket list.  Let me break it down by tickets:

red carpet ticket

espys live show ticket

Picture 1 below:  Of course the whirlwind that is Tell Nation was present.  We only meet up at award shows.  #duh

Picture 2:  The beautiful Caitlyn Jenner accepting the Arhur Ashe Courage Award.

Picture 3:  The glitter explosion at the conclusion of the event!  cc:  Telly

  tell nation      Caitlyn Jenner ESPYS
glitter espys

And my personal favorite of the evening…

ESPYS after party ticket

I think the video says it all.  You must watch it all the way through – the last seven seconds are by far the best.  I was truly completely 100% in my element.  I think it’s safe to say Kylie and I had one of the best nights!

Who knows, maybe my next award show will be the CMAs!  False.  The chances of that happening are slim to none.  And the featured image for this post, the ESPYS spelled out in donuts, yes, those are donuts.  Mom, it looks like they were inspired by your 6/6/15 party.

Thanks for reading, yinz!  Have a wonderful weekend.

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