Today marks my 4th year of living in the great state of California!  I still really can’t believe it.  Four years.  That’s how long most of us spend in college!  This past year leading up to today has truly been one of the best.  From countless girls nights out in the South Bay and at Agatay, to happy hours, concerts, Twitter contest winnings, trips on Miss Mandy, picking up a dance class again, to kissing the Stanley Cup, and more, I can’t say enough how grateful I am for this (west coast best coast) life.

Since they say pictures are worth 1,000 words, I think this last year could best be explained visually :).

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All of these memories could not have been made without the help of some pretty cool people (pictured above).  I am beyond grateful for all of you.  And I can’t forget to thank Anne and Freddie, along with my mom and the rest of my East Coast family and friends for their continuous support and the ‘good times, good times.’

Thank you all for making my californyinz experience thus far truly the best!  On to the next year, yinz.  Looking forward to what it will bring… hopefully Drake and a new Frank Ocean album.

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