Work, work, work, what you workin’ with?

I haven’t forgotten about californyinz, I promise!  I’ve just been extremely busy at work (writing this real quick during my lunch that’s consisting of Sour Patch Kids and Wheat Thins) with our big event coming up – tomorrow, actually!  I know that’s not a real excuse, but my brain is truly in a million places so to all of those I have yet to text back, email back, or just communicate with, I will be ‘charged up‘ next week!

I have many things to write about, as well.  And while it may be a little late to post the following topics, oh well, I still want to get my thoughts out there.

Topics include:

  • Miguel’s concert review
  • The Weeknd’s Beauty Behind the Madness album review
  • A few Drake mentions
  • I know there’s other things, but I cannot remember.  Typical.

So on that note, back to work.  I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday!  And Deb arrives in LA tomorrow to attend the Sunset Sip – pretty pumped about it!

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