If Twitter rumors a week or two ago weren’t in our faces enough about the possibility of a joint Future-Drake mixtape, there’s even more to hopefully prove that this is really happening!

  1. The mysterious website (putitallinaplasticbag.com) that popped up today with a countdown of when the supposed mixtape will drop.  Pictured below. FBGOVO
  2. And actually in two days (Sept. 18) when the countdown will reach 0:0, Drake will be performing at the Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta, which also happens to be where Future is from.  Hmmm…
  3. Recent Instagram posts from TODAY from both Future and Drake.


4.  And just because I have a feeling this will happen.

5. UPDATE!  And Revolt TV shared this photo about an hour ago of what looks like a pretty legit tracklisting!  Holy smokes. 

 Now whether this is a joint mixtape or Future is playing a major role on Views from the 6, I really don’t care what comes out.  As long as it’s something, I’ll listen to it on repeat.

I’ll be sure to keep yinz updated on anymore #FBGOVO happenings!

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