UPDATE:  8 cities, 8 nights, 8 intimate shows.

The dates and locations for Kendrick’s ‘Kunta’s Groove Sessions’ tour have just been released!  Tickets are available at Top Dawg Entertainment’s website.  The dates are as follows:

October 20 – Washington, D.C. – Kennedy Center

October 22 – Brooklyn, NY – Barclays Center

October 24 – Columbus, OH – LC Pavilion

October 25 – Chicago, IL – United Center

October 27 – Atlanta, GA – The Tabernacle (with Jay Rock and The Wesley Theory)

October 29 – Dallas, TX – South Side Music Hall (with Jay Rock and The Wesley Theory)

November 1 – Washington, D.C. – Lincoln Theatre (with Jay Rock and The Wesley Theory)

November 8 – Los Angeles, CA – The Forum (Real 92.3’s The Real Show – sort of bummed Kendrick isn’t doing a separate, solo performance)

November 10 – Oakland, CA – Fox Theater (with Jay Rock and The Wesley Theory)

[Article originally published on October 5]

While there’s not really any clear information about this yet, Kendrick Lamar took to Instagram about 30 minutes ago with the following post and caption.  It’s billed as the ‘1st annual’ Kunta’s Groove Sessions tour.  I have a pretty strong feeling one of the cities will be Los Angeles (insert praying hands emoji).

Kendrick insta 10-5-15

Many thanks to the ‘fan club’ (@parkercole12 & @sneaky_neek) for alerting me of this!  Updates to come as more info is released.

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