EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna Announces New Album Title & Unveils Artwork

Earlier tonight, Rihanna hosted an exclusive and private get together at MAMA art gallery in downtown Los Angeles.  According to Fader, there were Braille translations throughout of the interior artwork for her 8th studio album packaging, which will be titled ANTI. 

One painting was covered by a black sheet.  Once unveiled, it revealed the album cover for Ri Ri’s album.  It was painted by artist Roy Nachum who also confirmed the title on his Instagram.  Rihanna also took to her IG by posting a definition of the word ‘anti’ with a description about her album and its art.



The cover is of Rihanna as a child and on her first day of daycare.  The back of the cover features the same photo but shot from the back.  According to RapUp, Rihanna was quoted saying at the exhibit, “I fell in love with it because I felt like there was another spirit, another layer to the art.  This is my favorite album cover I’ve ever done.”

I must agree with her.  I am digging this album art and just artwork in general! To me it also has this Kendrick-Yeezus look to it.  She also announced to the crowd that the album is done, but she didn’t say a release date.  Peep the video below to get the inside scoop.  Literally.

Can’t wait for this one!

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