Happy Burshday to you!

Happy 37th birthday to this smoke show and dancer of a man!

I know someone should be singing ‘happy birthday’ to him, but this gives me life, and if one of you lovely readers wouldn’t mind posting this on my Facebook wall for my birthday *cough January 19 cough* that would be nice.

Reasons why I love Usher:

  • He can dance.
  • He can sing.
  • He’s easy on the eye.
  • Have you seen him shirtless?
  • He was one of the first artists I really connected with on an R&B level back when My Way was released in 1997.
  • I did my first ever hip-hop dance to his hit song ‘Yeah.’
  • He has his own nonprofit, Usher’s New Look, helping youth ‘find a path to leadership and help them make career choices that match their passion.’
  • He has given all of us ample music to pregame to.
  • Michael Jackson (RIP!) was and probably still is one of his biggest influences.
  • He has also perfected the moonwalk.  Again, thank you MJ.
  • He dated a member of TLC.
  • He provided me with an opportunity to win a pair of tickets to his ‘UR Experience Tour’ via another Twitter contest, thanks to RevoltTV.
  • His concerts is pure entertainment from beginning to end.
  • He looked right at me during TWO tapings of The Voice.
  • And did I mention he can dance?

I know this list will only continue to grow, and I look forward to see what he will do next!

Oh, and happy National Dessert Day!  Maybe I will bake a birthday cake tonight in Ursher’s honor.

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