‘Views From the 6’ Date Announced?

If this plug from Daily Rap is correct, then we could possibly be getting #blessed with Drake’s ‘Views From the 6’ album in my BIRTHDAY MONTH!  January 6, 2016 to be exact.  My birthday is January 19 in case you were wondering.  If it does drop, this couldn’t be ANY MORE perfect for my Drake themed birthday party.

Again, I don’t know how credible this information is, but there is a teaser trailer for the release date, as well.  However, that also doesn’t verify anything.  I mean, I kept a close eye on the homemade website countdown for Drake and Future’s collabo mixtape, and that was wrong soooo.  But if it is true, you heard it on californyinz first!

Full article and video here.

‘Just know it will be January in no time.’ 😏 -’30 for 30 Freestyle’ -Drake

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