Thanksgiving.  Thanks.  Giving.  I have a lot of thanks to give, but I really wanted to focus on what, or should I say who, have taught me so much in  California in this post.  Obviously I am extremely thankful for my family and my friends back east, but I wanted to highlight a group of people who I have had the privilege of getting to know over the past four years.  These people have taught me so much, whether or not they’ve realized it.  While it’s hard enough to move to a new state, let alone across the country, these people have made the transition so much easier, and for that I am grateful.  I also am pretty sure I take a part of each of these people with me every day.



Megan – Megan was one of the first people I met when I moved out here (Bre, who you’ll meet later on, introduced me to her).  This six foot blonde has taught me so much about living life in the moment, seeing even the tiniest bit of good in all people, and kindness.





Sydney – Also another friend who I met through Bre (they went to college together on the East Coast, and now Sydney lives in CA).  I am thankful for Syd’s down-to-do-anything attitude, she’s always the first one to offer to help clean up or ask what she can bring to any function, and her love of concerts and hip-hop music is everything.  It is so refreshing to have someone like Sydney in my life!





Danielle – What is it I’m thankful for about Danielle?  Her positive attitude, she’s always the first one to ask how you’ve been, and her ability to find laughter in pretty much everything.  And the fact she’s not ashamed to peace out of the bar when she’s super tired or hungry no matter what the circumstances.






Sara – I am thankful for Sara’s level-headedness, especially when some of us can get out of hand, her intelligence, and her passion and love for dance – something that we both share.  #NOGU





Mackenzie – Mac’s smile immediately lights up a room, as does her energy.  I am thankful for her go-getter attitude, constant positivity, and she will always be your biggest fan and cheerleader.






Rachel – Rachel is my newest roommate of Agatay.  In the very short time I’ve known Rachel, she has probably been to more places in Los Angeles than I have in my four years of living here.  I admire her for that and wish I had more of a ‘let’s just go!’ mentality.  Her love for the environment and wanting to create new, healthy (and delicious) food dishes is also something I value.



Chad – Chad works with me at The Guidance Center, and to say I’m thankful for him is an understatement.  He makes every day at work one million percent more enjoyable, honest even.  He is one of the most thoughtful and caring people I know, and I admire his love for bettering the environment and taking care of all animals – truly, he has taught me a lot and has the biggest heart!




Kylie – While I only lived with Kylie for a short time before she moved back east about a month ago, I have probably spent the most time with her.  Kylie’s soft-spoken nature has taught me that you don’t always have to be the loudest person in the room.  She ALWAYS has a smile on her face.  And I admire her commitment and passion towards anything she sets her mind to, whether that’s running, meeting a work goal, or going above and beyond to make someone feel special.  I also admire and can share her East Coast mentality.




Bre – What is that I’m thankful for about Bre?  Well, she was the first person I truly clicked with just a few months after moving here.  I admire her planning skills – whether it’s for work, a birthday party, or something as simple as organizing a happy hour, Bre makes sure everyone is in the loop and on time.  But what I admire most about Bre is that she is the least judgmental person I’ve ever met.  I can tell her literally anything without fear of harsh judgment or embarrassment.



Parker and Nick aka squad – These two have given me so much life in the time that I’ve known them.  Their love for rap music and concerts is so refreshing, and I’m so grateful I have these two to share my obsession with rap and concerts with.  I also admire Parker’s super hard work ethic and Nick’s extreme rowing and video editing talents.  The squad is poppin’.



the purps


The Purp – Aside from Anne and Freddie, my real family out here, the people who lived at the Purple House truly became my second family.  Thank goodness Bre found them on Craigslist.  They welcomed me into their home, treated me as a roommate, and some of the best memories I have living in CA are from time spent at that house and with those people.


the guls

Love you guys so hawwwwd in the paint!  Looking forward to way more adventures and learning from you all along the way. 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, eating and drinking their faces off, and of course taking the time to appreciate everyone and everything around you.

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