What a time…

I realize I’ve been MIA for about the last week, but that’s because I’ve been doing hoodrat things with my friends.  JK.  Sort of.  I have been out and about, so now I have lots to share with you!

Let me show you through pictures and videos… and some words. 🙂

FRIDAY | 12.4


Ventured to 2nd Street in Long Beach with Chad.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I thank Chad for making sure I’m never hungover.  We ended the night with In-n-Out.





SATURDAY | 12.5 | Happy Birthday, Chad!

Lots of things to celebrate on Saturday, December 5!

  • Chad’s 27th birthday
  • the birth of KimYe’s second child, Saint West.  Not the best name choice, obviously, but it’s not Jesus West, so I’m cool with Saint
  • the grand opening of Drake’s Los Angeles flagship store for his OVO brand.  I still haven’t gone yet, but believe me you’ll know on all social media channels when I do make the trip



Before celebrating Chad’s birthday, I went to the Kings and Pens game at STAPLES Center with none other than Uncle Freddie.  While the Pens lost, 4-3, it was a really good game!  Thanks for the tickets, Susie. 🙂




I rushed home after the game to get ready to head back down to Long Beach.  For Chad’s birthday, we went to this delicious Mexican restaurant called Lola’s.  After dinner, we went on a Duffy boat ride in Long Beach and cruised around the marina and canals of Naples.  It’s so beautiful during the Christmas season!

SUNDAY | 12.6

Chad and I spent the day in Santa Monica.  I don’t have any pictures from that, but just know it was filled with Christmas spirit and holiday [window] shopping.  We ended the night with Thai food and being sloths on the couch.

MONDAY | 12.7

Admin Retreat



No work for me!  On Monday our administration team took the day off to go on a retreat.  We went to lunch and then enjoyed an hour-long boat cruise around the Long Beach marina.




And Monday night, two of my roommates, Megan and Rachel, and I went out in downtown LA!  I rarely venture there since it’s outside of the South Bay ‘bubble.’  But I’m definitely glad I did!  YOLO.

Meg_Sara Meg_Sara_Rach

UESDAY | 12.8

The best night ever!  Parker, Sydney, and I went to see The Weeknd at his Beauty Behind the Madness tour.  So so good.  Seriously, that man* is so talented.  He sounds the same if not better as he does on the radio.  Honest even.  Watch the quick video I compiled from Snapchat below. 🙂

*The Weeknd is one person.  Not a band.  Not a group.  A ‘he.’  Not ‘they.’

Alright, off to more fun things!  Time to get my food and drank on with Mackle Meg in Los Al and then up to Santa Monica – living that YOLO life.  Megan just text me that, so I found it very appropriate to include in today’s post.

Happy Friday, yinz!

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