RiRi Better Have My…

So Rihanna could be gifting us all tomorrow (CHRISTMAS EVE) with her 8th studio album, ANTI.  I caught wind of this news thanks to Complex.  The news was announced on  the Australian The Today Show.  Rihanna has been teasing us fans with her ‘AnTi Diary’ website run via Samsung, putting out short video clips of herself in different scenarios and somewhat dark settings.  Typical, Rihanna.

The Today Show Australian Twitter account has since deleted the Tweet, but again thanks to Complex, they snagged a screenshot, which I’ve gotten for you below.


Again, I really hope this is real because 1. I would like stupid blogging about this and then nothing happen but more importantly 2. I really want her new album to come out.

Stay tuned for more details about this!  Or tonight at midnight, perhaps, the album could drop.

Just wait on it…

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