Serge’s Selections: 2015 Edition Part Deux

In today’s favorites, you can simply listen to the playlist below!  While I probably didn’t capture all of my favorite songs, these are the majority of them.  You’ll see lots of Drake (obviously), Future, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign, and The Weeknd to name a few.

Happy listening – especially if you’re at work and need something to get lit to while mentally preparing yourself for your New Year’s celebrations.  And while I normally give yinz a playlist curated on Soundcloud, that streaming service doesn’t always have the originals of songs.  So this time, you’ll have to listen via my YouTube channel. 🙂  Perk:  Some tracks include the music video.  I’ll be adding throughout the day should I think of any other bangers that dropped this year.  Enjoy!

Got the blog going up… on the (last) Tuesday (of 2015).

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