Recruitment Week at WC

I promise to have a more well written post about this come Friday but seeing current Westminster College (WC) students posting about the start of recruitment week tonight is making me very giddy!

WC, Greek life, and most importantly the girls of Alpha Gamma Delta hold such a very special place in my heart.  Yes, these are the friends I “paid” for.  -___-

Going through recruitment as a freshman was definitely nerve-racking but at the same time so very exciting.  I came out of that week learning a lot about myself and my friends.  And from the already in AGD side I learned how to host a party and became comfortable and confident  to talk to a large group of girls I had never met before.

People can bash sororities all they want – and yes, there are some chapters at certain schools where my mind is blown by what they do – but the sororities on Westminster’s campus were comprised of some of the best and most loyal, compassionate, and caring girls I’ve ever met.  And I’m talking about all sororities.  Not just AGD.  The philanthropic nature of the five sororities was also unlike any other.  Yes, we all had our rivalries, especially during Greek Week, but overall I can only speak highly of Greek life at Westminster College.

I’m keeping this short and sweet so I don’t get too emotional, but I wish all freshmen girls going through recruitment this week the very best of luck.  Have fun.  Dress nicely.  Eat the free food – obviously.  And just be yourself.  It will make the whole process that much easier when you’re deciding where you belong.  And to those girls hosting the parties, same advice to you too.  🙂 Good luck!

PS – The featured image was when Athena (L), Leigha (R), and I (center) were little baby freshmen getting ready for our probably first night of recruitment!  #similarinterests

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