The Best Birthday

Finally!  My birthday recap is here.  I really think that this year, my 27th birthday, was my favorite by far.  I’ve had a lot of epic birthdays from surprise trips on Miss Mandy to droppin’ it low at Greystone Manor.  But something about this year was extra special.  And seriously none of my birthday celebrations would have happened without the help of my friends.

Let’s do this via a timeline:

My best from the west arrived in LA!  I haven’t seen Bre since last May when she moved back home to Philly, so you know I was too excited to see her.

My girlfriend Sydney arrived at Agatay for what would be the start of a pretty raucous evening and weekend.  I bought tickets for Syd, Bre, and I to attend YesJulz‘ first-ever LA party.  Who is YesJulz?  She’s a 25-year-old bo$$ chick who lives in Miami and is #NeverNotWorking.  Seriously, that’s her motto, and if you follow her on Snapchat (#YesJulz – you should really follow her if you don’t), you would see she is always making moves and empowering those around her.  Definitely one of my inspirations.  The party was downtown LA in a warehouse.  The three of us were definitely the only sober people in the whole venue.  We proceeded to make our way to the very front.  I’m talking basically on the stage.  I had to see YesJulz up close.  Cut to epic DJs, a Hit Boy performance (he’s produced songs for Kanye), followed by a complete surprise guest… Wiz freaking Khalifa.  A true #californyinz moment.  Please just watch the video below.  Words won’t do it justice.  And he premiered his new track, ‘Bake Sale,’ with Travi$ Scott, which dropped today!

We made it back home around 2:30am, showered off the smell of sweaty people and booze and went to bed around 3am.

My alarm goes off at 6:00am, and I was nearly in tears due to lack of sleep.  I think that’s a worse feeling than being hungover.  If you’re hungover, you can go grab a spicy chicken sandwich (#6) from Wendy’s and you’re good to go.  But if you got just a few hours of sleep and have to be somewhere like WORK… well then you’re sort of screwed.  Anyways, I made it to work and was actually quite productive.  Plus I took a half day, so I guess I’m just being a little dramatic.  Syd, Bre, and I hung out and napped for the remainder of the day into the night.  Mac and Wally came over to chill.  And then I got the best surprise I could have EVER asked for.  Megan came home from dinner, walked into the house, and KYLIE APPEARED.

kylie is here!

I started crying!  Videos to come.  It was truly the best.  We popped some champagne and called it a night.

IMG_0002Saturday was the big day!  What started as a silly thought in my head came to life.  I threw myself a Drake themed birthday.  A BIG MAJOR HUGE thank you to Bre, Kylie, Sydney, Mac, Megan, and Wally for all of their help in setting up and cleaning!  Having all of my favorite people helping me throw a party in honor of my favorite artist was the best feeling.  Love yinz!  ❤

After I told people I was hosting a Drake themed party and they rolled their eyes and chuckled at me, everyone would ask, well what does a Drake party entail?  My answer:  Etsy.  From cupcake toppers to banners to balloons and even my outfit, they have everything Drake.  See to the left.

Shout out to all of the wonderful stores and sellers on Etsy who supplied my Drake party with all of the props and goodies.  And my outfit!  I would highly recommend these stores for the goods listed below.  Quick to deliver and respond should you have any questions or special instructions.  Thanks again!

Teenage Sleaze

Teenage Sleaze

(cupcake topper words only – Bre did the Drake heads)


Oh Shiny Paper Co

                                              IMG_0012 IMG_0010



Shout out to Bre for hooking it up once again with four tickets to the Laker game on Sunday against the Houston Rockets!  She doesn’t even work there anymore and is still getting us tickets and good seats.  Bre, Kylie, Joe, and I ventured to the game – thanks for driving, Joe (and happy half birthday today).  Although the Lakers lost, my Snapchat was winning because I witnessed magic between two G.O.A.T.S.  See below.

OMG.  If you’re in LA or if you ever visit LA, you must try and secure reservations at Bestia.  Located downtown, this was some seriously amazing Italian food.  It was pricey but worth every penny.  Thank you Parker for hooking it up!  We went to celebrate Nick’s birthday.  Squaaaaa.


My real birthday!  I did go to work – womp womp.  But Chad made my day extra special and had decorated my entire cube on Friday after I left.  It was so very sweet of him – thank you, Chaddy!  Now after this whole weekend of partying, I truly wasn’t in the mood to do anything crazy or even leave my couch that night.  So Megan, Mac, Joe, and I ordered sushi takeout and did exactly that… didn’t leave the couch.  Anne and Freddie also came over with some Prosecco – thank you!  My favorite.  Check out more pics below from the weekend.

The talented Nick, whose birthday we celebrated on Monday, is going to edit a video of me from the whole weekend.  So stay tuned for that.  Thanks again, Neek!

Truly from the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank all of my friends and family for making this birthday so special.  From Chad decorating my cube to my girls making my silly little Drake party come to life to my mom having ordered from the East Coast two dozen cupcakes for my party and so much more, THANK YOU.  And thank you for the gifts (Pelke – that OVO owl card was too thoughtful), messages, letting me play Drake music all day, and accepting my obsession.  I am so grateful to have each and every one of you in my life.

Now Drake does have a lyric about being 28, so until next year!

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