I’d like to wish a happy birthday to the Snapchat queen, YesJulz.  Real name Julieanna Goddard, Julz has accomplished SO much by the age of 26.  Yes, she is only turning 26 today.  You may see me tweet to her/about her and I’ve definitely mentioned her in previous posts, but I’d like to give you a handful of reasons of why I look up to her so much and why you should follow her – especially if you rock that #NeverNotWorking mentality, which is what she lives by.

Here’s a little bio first to get yinz caught up to speed:

Real name:  Julieanna Goddard

What she goes by:  Julz

Social handles:  YesJulz – major key alert – follow her on Snap!

Age:  26

Where is she from?  Miami – and that’s where she currently lives

What does she do?  She runs her own entertainment, marketing, and event company – YesJulz Agency – with a mission of bridging the gap between cool and conscious.  The agency is comprised of females only.  She’s also known as the Director of Vibes and known for throwing epic ragers that bring the people together.

Life motto:  #NeverNotWorking

I probably started following Julz on social media about a year ago, and I look forward to watching her Snaps each night before I go to bed.  As I mentioned earlier about the parties she throws, she started a series in January called 1AM Vibes.  Well, she hosted her first one in Los Angeles, whch happened to be the start of my birthday weekend.  So you know I had to go.  I rallied up two girlfriends, we Ubered to downtown LA, and raged all night in a warehouse with Julz and major special guest Wiz Khalifa.

From her adventures with girlfriends to business meetings to inside recording studios to offering advice and more, she is someone I look up to both professionally and personally.  You truly see all the ups and downs in her life, which a lot of people are afraid to show – especially the down moments.  While she does only employ women, she is a positive influence for both guys and (cozy) gals alike.

She’s all about hard work, supporting one another, and just living life.  I dig it.  And what’s even cooler?  She went on a nationwide search to find people to be part of her Social Media Street Team, or should I say ARMY.  Well, I obviously applied, and got chosen to be part of it!  There are lots of others involved with this, but I think it’s pretty cool that she wants her followers to be part of her YesJulz team and YesJulz Agency.  I’m really grateful for this opportunity and to help spread the positive vibes that Julz is about.

So instead of me continuing to ramble, I suggest you go follow her – Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.  Honestly.  You won’t be disappointed.  And she is the plug to lots of epic music and up-and-coming artists.  Trust me.  YesJulz will have you saying YesGoalz.


Happy birthday, Julz!

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