“To all the ladies in the place with style and grace”
-Notorious B.I.G.

Happy #InternationalWomensDay to all of the women in my life.  Seriously, I’m so #blessed to be surrounded by such positive, hardworking, and inspiring ladies.

I’d love to introduce you to some of them :).

Karen Civil & YesJulz

4yr Karen CivilWoah.  Talk about boss ladies and motivational women.  I’ve been following these two on social media for quite some time now – Karen Civil longer (and have had the pleasure of meeting her a handful of times) and have learned so much from them.  Both making moves in their own ways, they have taught me about a strong work ethic, never giving up, following your passions, and asking for what you want.  Seriously, I go through most of my days thinking, “What would KC or Julz do?”  Karen is more private on social platforms but having heard her speak at women empowerment workshops and brunches, I really find myself connecting with her.  She felt there was a bigger world out there for her other than her small New Jersey hometown, so she got offered a job at Beats by Dre (no longer works there) and moved to LA.  I believe she’s also in her fourth or fifth year of living out here – I’m entering my fifth :).  And not only that, she truly built her brand from the ground up and is just so epic.

YesJulzAs for YesJulz, who I’ve been mentioning a lot lately, she is way more open about her life.  It’s nice to see a well-known figure share the ups and downs.  She is #NeverNotWorking and her goal of bridging the gap between cool and conscious is definitely something I vibe with.  Thank you both.

Drabik, Jilly, Jamie, & MeagO

Jilly and DrabikThese are my girls from Westminster College who helped make my four years there so special and wild.  While we were all very close in school, I truly feel we are closer now, and we are all over the place.  Drabik is about to start that married life in September, and I am honored to be part of her big day.  She’s also crushing it in the business world and her sarcastic ways give me life.  So flirty.  Jilly (get sillayyy) always brightens my day.  And I can’t wait to see her in September at Lindsay’s wedding and for another epic life happening ;).  MeagO is crushing it in NYC!  Seriously, she’s taking the PR world by storm, and I’m so proud you followed your dreams and moved to New York.  And it’s an extra bonus when she has to fly out to CA for work and adds on a few extra days to hang with me.  And Miss Jamie.  I had the honor of being in her wedding in October.  I’m inspired by your organizational skills and hard work ethic, and you are truly one of the most thoughtful people I know.  And so pumped for you that you got a new job.  Exciting stuff all around!LOL

Natalie, Natalie, & Natalie

NataliesThis is not a joke.  I grew up with three lovely ladies named Natalie.  I went to preschool and onward with one, 1st grade and onward with another, and then the other Nat came into the picture in the 3rd grade.  We all go way back, and it’s honestly like no time has passed at all when we see each other.  One is a very successful lawyer who is my boo/BFF, the other is a nurse saving lives in San Francisco, and the other is doing her thing as a mental health therapist in the Burgh.  I love these three so much.  They are the perfect mix of sarcasm, peppiness, and intelligence.
Hope to see yinz sooner than later!

Mom, Aunt Donna, Grandma, & Aunt Anne

These four women are my life!  Without going into essentially another blog post, these ladies have shaped me into who I am today.  100%.  From their hard work ethics, kind hearts, loving nature, to hosting a gathering to their talents in the kitchen and more, I can only hope to be a mixture of all four when I grow up!  No, I don’t consider myself completely grown up yet.  ❤  And PS – I need a group picture!!

My South Babes

Ithe girls know I’ve highlighted these ladies before in posts, but I can’t say it enough.  They have made and are making my time in California SO epic.  From inspiring me by their studious ways in grad school at USC to teaching me how to be dedicated to a project or passion to finding the good in everyone to making me laugh so hard I nearly cry to embracing one another for our weirdness (a requirement for this group) and more, I am so so so grateful for all of you.  And although now some of you are no longer in CA and one is about to head east, I can’t wait until we are ALL reunited again.


So happy International Women’s Day to all the fierce and fabulous ladies out there.

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