‘Thought It Was a Drought’ at the Future Concert

Happy Wednesday!  Hope yinz are having a great week.

Mine has been pretty chill except for last Friday, which was all the way turned up.  As I mentioned in Thursday’s post, I was heading to Future’s Purple Reign Tour at the Hollywood Palladium.  Let me detail the day’s events for you all.

Parker and Sydney met at Agatay around 1ish.  We enjoyed some beverages, called the Uber, and an hour and fifteen minutes later, we arrived at Future’s pop-up shop on Fairfax.  Before we went inside the store, we decided to get some food at this Italian spot right next door called Jon and Vinny’s.  Wish I could tell you how the food was but we didn’t end up eating there.  We never even placed our order.  Once we sat down, I hopped onto Snapchat to see if Future had posted anything.  Well, he did, and I’m glad I checked.  His Snap read ‘Fairfax 410.’  Well guess where we were… Fairfax 412. (412 yinz yasss).

Eating at this point was not an option.  Getting in line for his store was.  We were in the front of the line with a couple of big security dudes in suits who advised us that once we got in the store, we were not to take any pictures or videos.  Fair enough.  We entered the store, and the three of us all purchased some Freebandz swag.  Next thing I know, Sydney tells me to look up and freaking Future is there, all 6+ feet of him.  He was wearing a pair of light denim jeans and a white hoodie.  He was super chill – on his phone with two of his kids running around him.  Talk about a meet and greet but sans meeting.  Or really greeting.  But you get it.

We then took an Uber to the Palladium where Parker got in line, which was already wrapped around the building at 5:45pm.  Syd and I got some food, grabbed an order to-go for Parker and patiently waited until the doors opened.  We were really close to the front – about four rows back.  The crowd wasn’t too bad.  LA’s own DJ Dre Sinatra had everyone hype with club bangers.  There were two opening acts before Ty Dolla $ign.  Not gonna lie, I don’t know their names.  Moving on.  Ty came out and crushed it.  I really really love seeing him perform.  He’s also super talented.  The man can rap and sing.  He loves the fans too.  He actually stage dove into the crowd and lost a shoe!  He proceeded to take off his other shoe and threw it towards us.  He brought out Juicy J and Joe Moses.  Too dope.  Watch some of his set below!

Towards the end of his set, he made the mistake of telling the crowd to move as close to the stage as possible.  Seriously, you could not move.  I don’t do well in tight spaces where people are all up in my business to begin with, but this was just ridiculous.  We were shifting as one unit, the chick’s hair in front of me was in my face/mouth area, my right arm was smooshed up against this one mass of a man.  So Sydney and I stayed in our spots for as long as we could during Future’s set, but then we couldn’t take it any longer.  We moved to the back, got some water (I really ‘Thought It Was a Drought’) and were able to still see and dance.  We left Parker up in the front and re-connected with him at the end.

Okay now about Future’s performance!  It. Was. Lit.  He opened with ‘Thought It Was a Drought’ and did most of his mainstream songs mixed with some early Future.  Girls and guys of all ages and races were rapping along with him.  I’m even talking about a 12-year-old boy who was there with his dad.  Dad, you were the real MVP.  From the lights to the overall sound, the show captivated the audience and Future really made you feel part of his set.  You can just tell he vibes hard with his fans and appreciates them.  Future took a little break and out came DJ Esco who kept everyone going with some crowd favorites.  Future came back on and ended his set with one of my personal favorites, ‘March Madness.’  He performed for about an hour and a half in total.

The entire Purple Reign Tour was worth every penny.  Not sure how he did it, but as soon as the LA show was over, Future hopped onto his tour bus to head back to Santa Ana for ANOTHER show.  He performed there the night before and in Tempe, AZ even earlier that Thursday evening.  Four shows in two days.  That’s impressive.  And I imagine his energy level was hype each show.  That just proves his passion for music, touring, and the fans.

Next concert… Rihanna and Travi$ Scott, but that’s not until May.  That’s all for today!

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