Okay, what…

SLAM_Cover_DrakeJust when I think he can’t be anymore photogenic, the 6 God is back and this time on the cover of SLAM 198 magazine with two Toronto Raptors All-Stars.  I don’t know if I’m more excited to look at the Toronto Rapper or the Toronto Raptors.  JK.  Drake always.

Executed by SLAM’s Senior Editor Adam Figman,  he was casually at the Raptors’ new training facility along with photographer Atiba Jefferson.  Kyle Lowry and DeMar Rozan, who are photographed in the cover as well, were also present.  Cue Drake.  From reading the article, it seems he appeared there as a surprise.  Well thank the heavens because then this photo shoot came to life.

I did a little research on this magazine and they’ve been known as the ‘hip-hop basketball magazine’ but have yet to put a rapper on the cover.  Well, until now that is.  The 6 God blessed them with his presence and magic happened.  What a time to be alive.  And it makes sense in this particular scenario since Drizzy is the Raptors Global Ambassador.

Video from the shoot below and more pics here!

And with this Friday about to be April 1, Drake will be dropping Views any day now.

Cannot.  Wait.

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