What a year, what a year (Big Sean voice)

I cannot believe I launched californyinz one year ago today!  I can’t tell if it feels like I started this just yesterday or a really really long time ago.  Regardless, I’m glad I did, and I truly thank yinz for your continued support and reading!  It means so much to me when I get texts saying how much you enjoyed a post or when someone has Tweeted or re-tweeted one of my articles or pressed that ‘like’ button on Instagram and Facebook.  It also happens to be #tbt, which is pretty perfect.  My first post and notification I received below!

4yr this blog

While I didn’t reach my 10,000 views goal by this one-year date, I am quite close to 9,000 and once I do hit 10K, the goal is to get 1,000 views per month.  The majority of the content I post is what appeals to me, but if there’s anything you’d like me to touch on, please don’t ever hesitate to let me know.  I can’t say I’ll write about it for sure, but if it’s something I am passionate about or have an opinion about (I have a lot of those), I’m more than happy to whip up an article.  And yinz are my audience, soooo if that’s what will get you to read the blog, then send your ideas.

Starting this blog has allowed me to do some really cool things that I don’t think would have been possible without.  From going to Wiz Khalifa’s recording studio (I promise that post is coming!) to his private album listening party to just connecting with dope people through the blog and on Twitter, I have loved every second of this.

And as of late, starting californyinz has opened doors to new writing opportunities.  I’m a contributor for HipHopMindset, a hip-hop blog that has a heavy focus on hip-hop dancing, and even more exciting, I’m writing for the YesJulz Agency blog!  My first post goes live tomorrow, and they have me on a regular posting schedule, so you can expect a new post each Friday.  Super excited about this opportunity!

And in the past year, how much great new music have we received?!  I mean really.  The Life of Pablo, ANTI, Rodeo, Beauty Behind the MadnessWhat a Time to be Alive.  And I don’t even have time to list the random remixes, singles, and club bangers that have dropped.  Nothing makes me happier than listening to music and attending cool events and concerts and sharing it with yinz.

I would like to make some enhancements to this site – making it a bit more sophisticated and getting rid of the dang ‘wordpress.com’ in the URL.

So in this next year, I plan on:

  • Changing my website to californyinz.com
  • Featuring more up-and-coming artists
  • Attending more listening parties for that exclusive and behind-the-scenes content
  • Recording a reaction video to Views from the 6.  I know I have some competition with that 14-year-old girl (also from Pittsburgh) whose Drake reaction vid went viral, but I got this.
  • And more!  Even though I don’t really like saying ‘and more’ because it’s left open-ended and without specific things, I won’t do anything.  But you get the idea.

So again, I truly thank you all for reading, sharing, and talking about my blog and posts.  I look forward to sharing more with you!

And I definitely didn’t realize that today also happens to be Noah Shebib’s aka 40’s birthday.  Who is 40?  Well, he produces the majority of Drake’s music.  Could I have picked a better launch date?  Maybe Drake’s birthday.  JK.

Thanks again, everyone!

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