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Hey yinz!  So yesterday, I finally listened to Drake’s new album, Views, and let’s just say I thoroughly enjoyed it.  While reading my review, keep in mind that I was typing this as I listened, so it may not be proper grammar and may read a little choppy.  My thoughts truly go in order of not only the album but even more specifically from the start of one song to its end.

And if you want more of a visual review, check out my YouTube video compiled from Snapchat yesterday!  Follow meeeee (@ergense).

  1. ‘Keep the Family Close’
    Starting off with singing, nice.  Voice sounds refreshing.  And a very interesting and somewhat different overall sound – I dig it.  ‘Out here in la, i don’t know what’s going on.’  Half the time I don’t know either.  JK, JK.  It’s a slower start to the album – sort of like ‘Over My Dead Body’ in the start of Take Care.  And I love the drum addition.
  2. ‘9’
    There’s that Drake-40 sound we all know – that distinct drum sound and beat in the background.  ‘And I turn the 6 upside down, that’s a 9 now.’  I can definitely vibe out to this track.
  3. ‘U With Me?’
    Nice transition from ‘9’.  DMX sample – yes.  I for real used to listen to ‘X Gon’ Give It To Ya’ ALL the time when I was younger.  This song has some Take Care-NWTS vibes for sure.  The background drum reminds me of a slower version of ‘Wu-Tang Forever’ from NWTS.
  4. ‘Feel No Ways’
    Sounds like a Majid Jordan  track – that underwater-vibey sound.  I like this  A LOT.  Love the ending with those beat skips and the fade out.
  5. ‘Hype’
    Any song that is called ‘hype,’ I’m probably going to like it.  ‘You cannot be here right next to me, don’t you see RiRi right next to me.’  Definitely has a ‘Worst Behavior’ vibe to it.  Then slows down around 1:30… 1:37 then we’re back to being ‘hype.’  Seriously, all of Drake’s songs have such a distinct sound, and I love it.
  6. ‘Weston Road Flows’
    Another smooth transition into this track.  Vibe HARD on this one.  ’40 the only who know how I deal with the pressure.’  ‘Your best day is my worst day.’  ‘I’m happiest when I can buy what I want.  Me too, dude.
  7. ‘Redemption’
    Some ‘Marvin’s Room’ ish right here.  This is the emotional Drake for sure.  I probably wouldn’t listen to this song on the reg, but definitely when I’m feeling somber or on a rainy day.  Okay, here we go – the last two minutes have provided redemption for this song.  ‘Since Take Care, I been care takin’.’
  8. ‘With You ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR’
    Loving this opening beat.  If I just heard this not from Views, I don’t think I’d pin it as a Drake song and even more so that PND opens it.  Listening to this makes me want to listen to PND way more.  So talented and great vibes.  I also realize I say ‘vibes’ A LOT.  This track is like a pre-game before the pre-game song.
  9. ‘Faithful ft. Pimp C & dvsn’
    Got that Pimp C sample on this one and the very talented Canadian duo that is dvsn.  Starts out hard, not like Drizzy.  Dig the rhythm – much more Drake sounding.  ‘Let’s do the things that we say on text.’  I see you, Drizzy.  I feel like this track sounds a bit like another one I previously heard on Views.  I can’t think of which one since it’s my first listen but it sounds familiar.  dvsn though – if you don’t listen to them, you should.  Very good addition to this song and album in general.  Okay, I hear YOU, dvsn.  Yassss.
  10. ‘Still Here’
    Okay, this is the song I needed.  ‘I don’t need no pill to speak my mind.’  Me either.  ‘You not from the city I can tell.’  ‘Did it, did it by myself.’  This song 100% speaks to me.  And again with that 40 sound.
  11. ‘Controlla’
    We’ve all heard this song before, and I think it fits the overall sound of the album pretty well.  I actually forgot about ‘Controlla,’ and it is more of a crowd pleaser so I’m glad it’s on here.  The last minute is probably my favorite, besides the main chorus.  From his lyrics to the ending sound – good work.
  12. ‘One Dance ft. Wizkid & Kyla’
    Now we allllllllll know this track.  For some reason I didn’t think this would be on the album.  But it fits nicely right after ‘Controlla.’  We can put this song with ‘Hotline Bling’ in terms of many people liking it – not just Drake or hip-hop fans.  ‘Strength and guidance, all that I’m wishing for my friends.’  Favorite line of the song because I wish all the best for my friends as well!  Duh.
  13. ‘Grammys ft. Future’
    Yes, yes, and yes.  This has to be performed at the Summer Sixteen Tour.  It’s not the most complex song, but Future and Drake on a track together is bound to be a banger of some sort.  And the beat is a bit futuristic sounding – play on words.
  14. ‘Childs Play’
    Dancing to this one for sure.  For anyone who knows me, I love dancing and watching myself dance in the mirror.  I mean I’ve danced my entire life… in a studio… surrounded by mirrors.  Can you blame me?  So this song will be used for that purpose.  Again, the end of this song is on point.  That real deep Drake voice is my jam.
  15. ‘Pop Style’
    Another track that we have all heard and in my case, loved.  This version though doesn’t include Jay or Ye like the first one we heard.  I like both versions!  Super glad this is on the album.
  16. ‘Too Good ft. Rihanna’
    Not sure how I feel about the very beginning, but it does have that RiRi-Drake collab vibe to it.  Almost reminds me of their song ‘Take Care,’ which is one of my favorites.  Yep, definitely sounds a little like ‘Take Care’ with that fast paced drum/symbol sound.  I think I can hear this song on the radio.  If so, I won’t be listening because you know that ish will be overplayed.  No thanks.  While it does remind me of ‘Take Care,’ it’s definitely not as good.
  17. ‘Summers Over Interlude’
    Okay that real slow, sexy sound.  But not sure if this is something I’m digging.  Is this dvsn?  Majid?  #confused  I know it’s the end of the album, but I think it completely slowed down the album and not sure if in the best way.
  18. ‘Fire & Desire’
    Yesssss, loving this sped up voice.  It’s quite Drake of him to add it.  While this is definitely slower, I’m feeling it.  I don’t know what it is, but I’m here for this.  Definitely like this song.  100%.  I needed this.  It has that end-of-the-album-Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2 sound (the beginning of that track).
  19. ‘Views’
    Okay, thank you for ending with this vibe.  In typical Drake fashion he ends with a non-stop flow song that’s on the lengthier side.  Approved.  This reminds me of ‘The Ride ft. The Weekend’ from Take Care, which happens to be the last track of that album and this song the last track of Views. Well, ‘Hotline Bling’ is the last track, but I feel like that was an added bonus for the fans.  Anyways.
  20. ‘Hotline Bling’
    It’s like a concert… he ends on a slower more album-based song then ends the show but comes back on for an encore doing the song ‘Hotline Bling,’ which you know will get the crowd hype af.  I’m indifferent about this track being on here.  While I like the concert vibe it gives, I think the album could have ended with ‘Views.’  I mean, it is the name of the album.

All in all, I’m a fan of Views.  It’s nothing like his last album, IYRTITL.  And if you absolutely love that album, you may not like this one.  Views relates more to Take Care and Nothing Was the Same – opinions my friend Parker actually told me, and he couldn’t be more correct.  It’s also not an album you’d listen to at the gym to get hype to but rather on a road trip.

With Drake’s hometown being the inspiration for this album and the passion he has behind the music, it makes me like the album even more.  I see the album as something bigger than just a compilation of rap songs.  So props to Drake for putting together a solid project that portrays his passion, talents, and that Drake sound we all know.  Happy listening!

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