Holy smokes…

I feel like I haven’t posted anything in EONS.  The last time was what, RiRi’s concert review?  Unacceptable!  But I’m back now and definitely off of a good note because…


…and are advancing to the next round of the Stanley Cup playoffs!  Major #californyinz moment. What does this have to do with California?  Well, I’m here, duh.  Anyways.  Super pumped we beat the Capitals!


Now back to the culture and hip-hop.  What have I missed?

Most recently, we were gifted with the (weird) music video for Desiigner’s banger ‘Panda’ with a cameo from Mr. Kanye West himself.  Watch the loopy video below and you’ll catch Kanye towards the end.  Since it’s a TIDAL exclusive, I unfortunately cannot embed the video into this post, so you’ll just have to watch here on Rap-Up.

Can’t forget about Drizzy Drake!

His hit ‘One Dance’ TOPS (aka No.1) Billboard Hot 100.  That’s major!  This is his first as a lead artist.  Props, props.  What was a close one last time?  ‘Hotline Bling’ came in at No. 2.  Big moves for the boy.

Drake is set to appear on ‘The Tonight Show’ Thursday, SNL (serve as the host and musical guest) this Saturday, and then to return to ‘Ellen’ on May 18.  *sets DVR*  Watch the hilarious and creative promo vid for the Ellen show appearance below!

And I want to share this just because Kendrick is not only one of my favorites but his content more times than not gives off good vibes only.  The 30-second spot was shot in a California mansion and features Kendrick sporting his Reebok Classics.  Watch and listen to his words in the newest Reebok commercial below.

Have a good one, yinz, and let’s go Pens!

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