Review: Jaxon – ‘WILDWEST’

New artist + new series alert!  I am pretty excited to have my first

watch out WEDNESDAY 

post feature none other than the 21-year-old New Zealand artist, Jaxon.  In particular, this post will highlight his debut EP, WILDWEST which dropped last Friday, August 5.

Jaxon is a rock-leaning, soul, R&B singer, who was raised in Texas, with influences ranging from artists like Drake, Lenny Kravitz, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, Guns N’ Roses, Miguel, and Ben Harper.  They have helped him personally grow as an artist and by listening to WILDWEST, you will definitely hear the above influences in his sound, specifically Drake, Lenny Kravitz, and Miguel.  Very, very dope AND extremely unique.  Major key.

Okay, time for the real deal.  I recommend you listen to the EP below and read my review of each track as you listen and would love to know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of this post.  Press play and hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


‘High Noon’ | This song just puts me in a good mood and when the chorus hits, all I want to do is rock out (Lenny Kravitz, check), and I’m typically not one to ‘rock out.’  This track will make you want to take a road trip up PCH to Malibu.  And honestly, any song about California I’m probably going to like.  I mean, I did move here from the East Coast, right?  His vocals are powerful at the end too – I dig it!

‘Smith & Wesson’ | Love the opening sound of this track.  I feel like now I should be in Malibu on the beach.  Summer vibes all the way.

‘Wild West’ | Now we’re at the track which shares the name of the EP.  Love the guitar on this one, and Jaxon’s vocals on this actually remind me of Miguel (check).  I could see it being on Miguel’s last album Wildheart.  Woah.  WILDWEST… Wildheart.  Amazing.

‘Red Velvet’ | Again, another track I want to rock out to.  PROPS to Jaxon for getting me to rock out.  Rare ting.  Love the overall beat and cadence.  His voice is as smooth as red velvet on this track.  And now I sort of want a piece of red velvet cake.  Moving on…

‘Hennessy ft. DYSN’ The opening of this track is unexpected from the rest of the songs, and I love it.  Okay, can we get a Bieber and Jaxon duet?  Serious.  I think that would be dope.  This is definitely an end-of-the-night song, and if you know me, you know I love music for ALL types of the day and night, so thank you, Jaxon, for giving me a new song to add to my chill vibes playlist :).

‘Black Gold’ | I immediately was drawn to this track just from the name of it.  Pittsburgh colors, ya dig!  Love when the song picks up at about 1:15.  This was a strong ending to the EP – well done.

Overall emotion… Drake feel (check).

Listening to the six tracks truly takes you on a journey from start to finish.  I think people will gravitate toward this project because it’s relatable – moving to a new city, dealing with modern day problems, and just going with and handling the flow of life.  And why will you gravitate toward Jaxon?  As an artist, his voice is melodic AF, he has vocals AND can play the guitar, and from what I hear, he’s a complete gem :).

Really looking forward to getting more music from Jaxon and seeing him grow as an artist.

Thanks for reading my first watch out WEDNESDAY, yinz!

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