Hi yinz!  This next watch out WEDNESDAY features a fellow Pittsburgher!  He goes by the name of KH, and I had the pleasure of interviewing him.  How did I hear about this talent?  Well, I began following KH on Instagram, he posted that he was looking to connect with creatives in LA, I reached out, and *BAM* – next thing you know, I was at Wiz Khalifa’s studio interviewing the talented, creative, and humble artist known as KH.  He’s also part of the Taylor Gang crew, so Pittsburgh reppin’ all around.

*Disclaimer:  He’s not in LA at this moment – he’s back in da burgh.

Let’s get into this so you can see why I want you to ‘watch out’ for him.  Good stuff.

Tell me who KH is – the man behind the music.
I’m 24 years old from Pittsburgh, specifically Hazelwood.  I’m a singer, songwriter, rapper, artist – whatever’s clever.  That’s about it, that’s just me.

I noticed from other articles and videos that you’re all about positivity, creativity, vibing off of other people… tell me more about that.
KH:  I have a lot of ideas in my head that I want to do, but it seems like I never really get to do them because I’m not running into the right people, so I’m like always running off of those feelings that I’m ready to do something tight with some cool people.  I’m all about that.

“You got the vision, so yo this is what I’m trying to do.”

Regarding your music, who/what are your influences?  Is there a Pittsburgh sound or influence?
KH:  I watched a lot of videos, everything that made it through mainstream back in the day during the 90’s and early 2000’s.  I listened to a lot of Jay Z and R&B.  I don’t like to get into too many particular artists; I like a lot of everything.

“If it touches me then I like it.”

Are there are any particular artists now that you listen to who have helped influence your music?
I’m just liking everything right now.  I think that everybody has something good to say right now.  Travis (Scott) and Bryson’s (Tiller) style is tight – they’re different but their style… it’s just amazing that there’s no format in music anymore.

“People know you don’t have to do it ‘like this.’  That’s the best part.”

When you’re in the studio or writing a song, do you feel a certain pressure?
KH:  Yeah, all the time, all the time, especially when I’m by myself.  That’s probably how all athletes are though and probably how the best comes out.

“Gotta have some type of pressure.”

So you performed at SXSW in 2015.  What other concerts/festivals would you like to perform?  What’s on your bucket list?
All of the big ones, you know what I mean.  I don’t really have one in mind specifically to be honest.  I just want to do them.

Are there any collaborations you want to happen?  What is your dream?
KH:  I want to run my own tour and stop at a couple different cities – that’s the goal right now more than a dream.  I’m trying to handle that right now and go to a couple more places.

“I’m trying to go with the flow, do what I’m supposed do.  Meet the right people.”

Your debut project, Mo’$crill Hotel – explain that.
KH:  It came out late December and was executive produced by Sledgren.  It’s a homegrown tape, including all the producers I had been working with.  It’s all about creating your own environment.  If you want to throw your own party, go to the club…

“It’s about being in control of what’s going on in a cool way – that’s what Mo’$crill Hotel is.”

Is there a song on that project that is super meaningful to you?
KH:  ‘Thank You for Staying’ which is the first track on there.  I did that right before wrapping up the project – about a day or two before.  It was fun making that song. The whole process, the whole night, and adding the guitar in the track.  It was just fun.

“But like I said you can play that and you can control the environment.”

It’s me, Sara, real quick.  When I listened to Mo’$crill Hotel, I heard a project featuring beats you vibe to, yet it’s still chill all around.  It’s that happy medium where it’s not too lit or too turnt but it’s not “alright, next track.  I’m sleeping.”  That’s what KH felt as well.  It’s listen-to-anytime-music.  KH didn’t want fans to think “oh, this is so slow” and at the same time he knew it wasn’t going to be the craziest soundtrack.

Do you feel a lot of support from Pittsburgh?
KH:  I’m still trying to gain it as much as possible.  I feel like I have a good following in Pittsburgh, but I definitely want to make it stronger.  I feel that everyone who knows me knows me for my music, and I just want to make it bigger overall, including Pittsburgh.

What is the future of KH?  Where is the movement going?
KH:  Good question.  I feel like I want to put out a lot more songs that you wouldn’t think I’d be a part of with other artists.  I want to do a little bit more writing.  (ponders out loud) Where is this all going?  That’s a good question.

“I wish I knew exactly but I can’t say and maybe that’s the fun part.  I want to find my niche.”

Seriously, even after I re-read the above or listen to the recording of our interview, I continue to feel inspired each and every time.  KH gives out ALL the good vibes, and he’s really here to make music for the people.  I’m honored to to have interviewed him, and I look forward to not only new music he releases but also to what he will accomplish as an artist.

And speaking of new music, earlier this month he released a new album titled Nobody Sleeps Anymore.  So you should definitely check it out and support the homie by purchasing on iTunes or listening on Apple Music (duh).  To get a taste of the new project, watch the visuals for the first track on the album below!

Stay tuned for another watch out WEDNESDAY – thanks for reading, yinz!  Oh, and you can also find KH on Taylor Gang’s latest project – TGOD Volume 1.  He’s crushing it.

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