Concert Review: Majid Jordan “North America II” Tour

So last night was pretty amazing.  I had the pleasure of seeing the Canadian duo that is Majid Jordan perform in LA at The Forum Theatre.  Now, this wasn’t the typical concert I attend – you know, where everyone’s jumping up and down, rapping all the words… the turn-up.  Last night’s concert was pure vibes.  For those of you who have never heard of the duo or if you have and have yet to listen to their music, I highly recommend doing so.

Quick background:  Majid Jordan posted their first project on SoundCloud back in 2011 titled afterhours and under the pseudonym of Good People.  Skip to 2013 when Drake’s producer Noah Shebib aka 40 caught wind of afterhours and signed them to OVO Sound.  From there, Majid Jordan co-produced Drake’s hit single “Hold On, We’re Going Home”.  In 2014, they released their first EP, A Place Like This (my favorite) and earlier this year released their self-titled debut by OVO Sound, featuring a song with Drake called “My Love.”  And now they are on the second leg of their North American tour.  Good tings.

Speaking of their tour, last night’s setlist included the following –

  • “All I Do”
  • “A Place Like This”
  • “My Love”
  • “Small Talk”
  • “For So Long”
  • “Every Step Every Way”
  • “Forever”
  • “Something About You”
  • “Make It Work”
  • “Warm”
  • “Shake Shake Shake”
  • “Her”
  • “Patience”
  • “Day And Night”
  • “King City”
  • “Learn From Each Other”

Pretty much all of my favorite songs of theirs.  And while their stage lighting remained on the darker, more mysterious side, their presence and energy was the complete opposite.  They had guys singing, girls swooning, and the whole crowd vibing.  The last time I was at The Fonda it was May 2012, and I saw The Weeknd.  At that time, The Weeknd was nowhere near his current level of pop stardom and not many knew who he was.  (This was actually my favorite version of The Weeknd.)  So I can only hope that Majid Jordan, too, makes the same musical wave that The Weeknd has made with fans across the board.  And to think I have seen both of these artists start at The Forum.  So cool.

See what I’m talking about in my Snap Recap below, and DEFINITELY tune into my Snap (ergense) tonight as I’ll be hitting the Saint Pablo Tour… ON THE FLOOR.  I am too ready for this floating stage.  Yeezy taught me!

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