Now I know this week’s watch out WEDNESDAY isn’t a song or artist to watch out for, but it should still be on your radar.  And yes, I’m also aware today is Thursday.  I started writing the post yesterday but got caught up watching game 7… #SPORTS.  So what to watch out for this week and weekend in particular is…

– ComplexCon –

What is ComplexCon?  I don’t know if there’s a real defined answer as to what this is but it’s been promoted as the ‘first of its kind pop culture convention.’  Well, you know I love anything pop culture related so I can’t miss out.

What will ComplexCon entail?  Panels, performances, food, shopping… all the things.  Again, you know I have to be there.


Definitely tune into my Snap (ergense) so you can get an inside look this weekend.  I will be there  both days and will be attending the Snoop Concert on Sunday night.  It’s lit!

Oh, and tonight I’ll be going to the Penguins vs Kings game at Staples Center so check out that #californyinz action on my Snap as well.


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