NEW: John Mayer – ‘Love on the Weekend’

John Mayer is back with his first single in THREE years.  The title is perfect for this song.  Seriously.  Give it a listen and you will hear/feel the connection between the title and overall sound.  Well done, John.

Now this isn’t the typical genre or song you will find me posting about, but I have always loved John Mayer and his music so it’s only right I continue to support him and his music three years later.  I mean my BFF Natalie and I would go to his concert every summer he made a stop in Pittsburgh.  The JM love is real.


So yeah, listen to the track above (you can also check it on Apple Music) and vibe out.  And come on now, any song with the lyrics “You be the DJ, I’ll be the driver,” I’m going to listen to.  Anyone letting me DJ is a homie in my book.

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