TRACKLIST: Future – “Future”

Future has just revealed the 17-song tracklist for his upcoming self-titled album, Future.

Peep it below!


1) ‘Rent Money’
2) ‘Good Dope’
3) ‘Zoom’
4) ‘Draco’
5) ‘Super Trapper’
6) ‘POA’
7) ‘Mask Off’
8) ‘High Demand’
9) ‘Outta Time’
10) ‘Scrape’
11) ‘I’m So Groovy’
12) ‘Might As Well’
13) ‘Poppin Tags’
14) ‘Massage In My Room’
15) ‘Flip’
16) ‘When I Was Broke’
17) ‘Feds Did A Sweep’

via HHNM

The album will be dropping this Friday.

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