MUSIC: Frank Ocean – “Lens”

“I got two versions.” -Frank Ocean

And that he does.

Last night (Saturday, April 22) Frank Ocean released a new song titled “Lens” on another surprise episode of blonded RADIO on Apple Music.  Funny how Frank disappeared for four years before giving us Blonde, and now he’s dropping surprise radio station episodes AND new tracks.  Any who.  One version is with Frank solo dolo, but the other features one of my absolute favorites – Travi$ Scott.

The version with just Frank is around four minutes long, and the one with Travi$ is a little over six, and it is everything.

p u r e  v i b e s

 “Lens” has a god-like sound and exudes some MAJOR Kanye “808s & Heartbreak” vibes.  The Auto-Tune.  Wow.  I’m listening now as I’m writing this, and I’m so obsessed.  This song should honestly be called “Vibes” instead of “Lens.”  Imagine listening to this while floating in the ocean, riding a bike along the beach, exploring your city, driving down the freeway in the rain – it fits so many scenarios.  Here for it.

And as if the song can’t get any vibey-er (obviously not a word), Frank calls on La Flame to take “Lens” to the next level.  Now, I heard “Lens” last night but didn’t hear the T. Scott version until I was driving home from a friend’s house this AM.  And fam am I glad I didn’t hear it until then.  Driving up the 405 with the windows down and sun shining – w o a h.  I definitely had a moment.  A moment of inspiration and just thinking how epic the hip-hop community is and all these amazing collabs we continue to get.  Our favorite artists hopping on tracks with one another that we wouldn’t expect.  Hearing familiar sounds of other artists on certain songs and albums.

m a g i c

Got a little sidetracked there, but I think it’s important for us as fans to really appreciate not just a new song but the artist(s) behind those songs and the magic that went down to get us that new song.  Now I’m sure most tracks don’t come together in one singular moment, but I would love to be in a recording studio for when that happens.  Or just in general.  I think it would be very motivational.  Bucket list item for sure.

Okay, enough of me rambling.  Listen to the two versions below, and let me know if you catch the same vibe I did.

Hope yinz are having the most epic Sunday!


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