Deb’s Domain: 001 – Mother’s Day Edition


I thought it would appropriate to do a feature on Sara’s blog for Mother’s Day.

Known to many as DEB, I am Sara’s mom.  Short, Italian, and born and raised in Pittsburgh with a great head of hair.

I felt the need to answer the question many of you have asked yourself – “Why is this girl SO into music?”

Sara has forever been exposed to music.  My parents babysat her as I was always a working mom. There was music constantly blaring from that household and continues daily as my mom is a feisty 92-year-old woman who loves her tunes.  In fact, the only things you will find in her car are plastic rain hats and cassette tapes.  Though the sounds were Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Barbara Streisand and Big Band, Sara has always been surrounded by music.

As a child I was also around the music my parents enjoyed but having two much older siblings exposed me to more.  My brother was more the Beatles/Woodstock era whereas my sister was Motown, Janis Ian, and Carole King.  Keep in mind, this music was played on turntables or eight-track tapes.

Through my college years it was Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Journey, Styx, Kool & The Gang, The Whispers, Rick James, The Gap Band, Bruce Springsteen, Luther Vandross, and many more.

*Photo collage courtesy of Deb

I have also been to a lot of concerts in my days.  I love my dance type music but I have a love of Rock ‘n Roll as well.

I truly love all types of music but my favorite band of all time is Earth, Wind & Fire.

Yes, the apple does not fall far from the tree…  Earth, Wind & Fire will be gracing Pittsburgh with their presence in August.  I have already purchased tickets for my gang of girls along with the Party Bus reserved.  Just like her mother, Sara loves concerts.  If you know Sara personally or have just followed her blog, you know her boy is DRAKE.  Well, my boys are Earth, Wind & Fire.  Yes, I know the words to every song.  I will be singing and dancing in my seat!

All of my kids love music.   This is one of the reasons why at each of my kids’ graduation parties I felt the need to have a live band.

Good Food + Good Music = Great Party

Stay tuned for my article next month when I share with you some of my favorite all time tunes.

Until we chat again, always remember –  A Simple Act of Kindness is Free but Worth MILLIONS.


*Blog Owner’s Note*
The featured image for this post is a 
representation of my former sorority,
Alpha Gamma Delta, repping our mascot, the squirrel.
They FaceTimed me in ❤ Deb pictured in the middle.


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