VIDEO: Travi$ Scott – “Butterfly Effect”

The Nike Boy is back with visuals to one of my favorite songs this year, “Butterfly Effect.”  It’s colorful, trippy, electric, and full of summer vibes – but not your standard summer vibes.

Travi$ is definitely living his best life in this one.

Watch it on Vevo here.


VIDEO: Tyler, The Creator – “Who Dat Boy”

You guys have to watch this.

Tyler is back with a new song and visuals, and I love all of it.  It was more like a mini film – not your standard music video.

From the opening scene to him stumbling across the neighborhood to freaking A$AP Rocky making an appearance… everything!  And the ending may be my favorite.

Watch “Who Dat Boy” below.  I hope yinz enjoy it as much as I did!


VIDEO: Kendrick Lamar – “ELEMENT.”

King Kendrick is back with another round of powerful visuals for “ELEMENT.” off of his latest album DAMN.

Kendrick has been taking music videos to the next level and watching them makes me like the respective song that much more.  Well done.

Watch below, and see for yourself.



VIDEO: DJ Khaled ft. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller – “Wild Thoughts”

Earlier today (like 6AM EST early), Khaled gave us another one *Khaled voice* from his upcoming album, Grateful.  Not only did he release the song but the visuals as well.

The track, titled “Wild Thoughts,” features my girl crush, Rihanna, and one of my favorite new artists, Bryson Tiller.  Co-written by PartyNextDoor, the song samples Carlos Santana’s hit “Maria, Maria.”  Fire.

Out of the recent songs Khaled has given us, this is one of the better ones in my opinion.  It’s definitely a good track to kick off your weekend.

Disclaimer:  Rihanna is S E R V I N G the most in this video.  See for yourself below.

VIDEO: The Weeknd – “Secrets”

While you were all sleeping, I was wide awake high off of a Pittsburgh Penguins STANLEY CUP win and scrolling through Twitter.  Well, I stumbled across a Tweet from The Weeknd who announced his most recent music video for “Secrets.”


It’s different, mesmerizing, and sort of reminded me of something from American Horror Story.  Okay, just take a look for yourself.  Watch below!

MUSIC + VIDEO: SZA ft. Travi$ Scott – “Love Galore”

Can’t forget about the other epic song that dropped today – this morning to be exact.  I was getting ready for work and got the notification that a new song featuring Travi$ Scott released.

*Pause everything*

Definitely had to stop what I was doing to listen.  Well, not only did we get a new song from SZA (pronounced SIZ-UH), we received the visuals to the track as well.  Love when that happens.  Directed by Nabil and part of the Top Dawg Entertainment family (Kendrick’s squad), the visuals are sensual, sexy, and a little chilling.

Initially I first heard the audio, but after watching the video and listening, I’m thinking of the song in a completely different way.  What I was picturing in my head during that first listen was definitely not what was being portrayed in the video.

And OMG, the ending… like what?!  Was NOT expecting that.

SZA is a SZAVAGE for this one.

Watch above!

VIDEO: Travi$ Scott – “goosebumps”

UDPATE 10:01AM PST:  Just watched the video, and it is nothing short of epic and uniquely trippy.  I’d expect nothing less from Travi$ Scott!  And I really like Kendrick’s placement in the video as well.  Travi$ continues to kill the game.

It’s here!  Travi$ Tweeted last week he would be dropping this video, and I’m glad he has blessed us with these visuals on a Monday.  What a good start to the week.  Watch here!

I’m about to watch for the first time myself.  Too pumped for this.  Let me know what you think!

Happy Monday, yinz!

MUSIC: Kendrick Lamar – “Humble”

You guys.  Stop what you are doing and watch these new visuals from Kendrick right now.  And they are new visuals for a NEW song.

This beat is all the fire emojis.  I love More Life, but fam, this beat is the sickest.  And I am in love with the creativity of the video.  On a scale of one to five fire emojis, this gets all five.

Watch now and see for yourself!


VIDEO: The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk – “I Feel It Coming”

The visuals are here for one of the most epic collab songs of the year… or maybe ever.

Directed by Warren Fu, the video’s grainy and old-school feel is the perfect fit for the overall vibe of “I Feel It Coming.”  The visuals even play into The Weeknd’s starboy theme and new persona.

And as if The Weeknd’s voice didn’t already sound like Michael Jackson’s, Abel’s dance moves in this video make the MJ comparison even more real.  Actually, while watching “I Feel It Coming,” MJ’s “Billie Jean” music video came to mind.  Not necessarily all that’s happening in the vid, but the lighting, how it’s filmed, and the dance moves.  I’m digging it.  Watch below!

And while we don’t see Daft Punk until the very end, I still think the video works and flows overall.  I feel Daft Punk’s presence is best for a DJ set and this video wouldn’t be the proper setting for such.  Why am I talking in some weird proper English form?  Anyways.

Right now it’s just over 350,000 views, but I can guarantee this will hit 1,000,000 in no time.

Peep “I Feel It Coming” below!


Teaser: SZA – “CTRL”

Okay, I’m going to need SZA to drop her debut album CTRL right now.  It was supposed to drop on February 3, but it either got pushed back or that was never the confirmed release date.

Well, until we get a for real date, you have to check out this website she launched that includes a vlog with new music.

Check it here:

[my thoughts]

  • The music sounds dope.
  • Loving the creativity and authenticity behind this.
  • It’s interactive – love!
  • Not knowing too much about SZA, from the video, she seems cool AF, and I need new music from her now.

If you aren’t familiar with her, she was featured on the first track off of Rihanna’s last album, ANTI.

Listen below.

Hope yinz are having a great Tuesday!  The sun is finally starting to come back out over here on the West Coast.  I didn’t sign up for this constant rain!!

serge out!

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