Teaser: SZA – “CTRL”

Okay, I’m going to need SZA to drop her debut album CTRL right now.  It was supposed to drop on February 3, but it either got pushed back or that was never the confirmed release date.

Well, until we get a for real date, you have to check out this website she launched that includes a vlog with new music.

Check it here:  https://szactrl.com

[my thoughts]

  • The music sounds dope.
  • Loving the creativity and authenticity behind this.
  • It’s interactive – love!
  • Not knowing too much about SZA, from the video, she seems cool AF, and I need new music from her now.

If you aren’t familiar with her, she was featured on the first track off of Rihanna’s last album, ANTI.

Listen below.

Hope yinz are having a great Tuesday!  The sun is finally starting to come back out over here on the West Coast.  I didn’t sign up for this constant rain!!

serge out!

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*header image credit kanyetothe.com


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