LISTEN TO: Plaza – ‘Shadow’

Yesterday on the 45th episode of OVO Sound Radio, Oliver El-Khatib announced that a new artist had been signed to the OVO Sound label.  Who you ask?  His name is Plaza.  I’ve never heard of him before, but after listening to his EP, Shadow, (and currently listening to it now), I am pretty obsessed.

He has an old-school Weeknd vibe to him mixed with DVSN and a sprinkle of Majid Jordan.  Could I love an artist any more?  Don’t answer that because yes I could, and it’s Drake.  Anyway.

I don’t know much about Plaza yet, but what I do know is that he’s an R&B singer from Toronto.  He released his debut EP in September 2016 titled One on SoundCloud, and there wasn’t any real promotion for it.  One song, “Personal,” from this new EP though was played on a previous episode of OVO Sound Radio.  Clearly I wasn’t paying attention.

Shadow delivers all of the late nite vibes.  Other than attending a rap concert and buying merch, there’s nothing I love more than driving home late night or laying in bed late at night listening to songs that match this mood.

// V I B E S \\

The five tracks that make up Shadow are perfectly curated and produced.  The beats drop at the right time, and each track is long enough to tell a complete story and gets you in your feels.  You know what other artist and project does the exact same?  The Weeknd’s Trilogy.  Artists like The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, and Majid Jordan who give us those four to five minute tracks have a gift of captivating the listener and keeping our attention without wanting to skip to the next track.

Seriously, I’m listening to Plaza right now, and I am really really liking him.  He’s taking me back to The Weeknd – Trilogy  times, and it’s v refreshing and nostalgic.

Okay, enough typing.  You just need to listen to this – Apple Music (preferred) or SoundCloud below!

Hope yinz are living your best life on this Sunday.  And let’s go Pens!

REMIX: Future ft. Kendrick Lamar – “Mask Off (Remix)”

Well it’s 6:30AM PST.  With that said, it’s never too early for some rap music.  Especially some rap music featuring Kendrick Lamar.

I am L O V I N G this remix.  I mean, when you hear the “DJ Esco” mention on one of Future’s songs, you know it’s probably going to be a solid track.

And the length of the verse is substantial too!  I think Kendrick will help keep this track relevant and help push it even more up the charts.

Listen here, and let me know what you think.

Happy Tuesday!


Can someone please let me know if he’s out of jail?  He’s been Tweeting so please LMK.

Until then, Travi$ Scott gave us all more life last night with three new tracks.  I cannot tell you how much I love his music and his vibe as an artist overall.  His look, energy, passion… thriving.

Okay, let’s jump into these songs on SoundCloud below.

“Butterfly Effect”

Produced by Murda Beatz, “Butterfly Effect” will definitely be thrown into my summer vibes rotation.  This song could have easily been on Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight.  It resembles “Through the Late Night” when it comes to the vocals.

“A Man”

“A Man” starts with a long instrumental intro then cutting straight into some good late night party vibes.  Lyric call-out: “You need to say grace before you say thanks.”  This is also the type of song I’d listen to in order to get ish done.  And although for only a short time, I love when his verse speeds up at the end.

“Green & Purple ft. Playboi Carti”

All I’m going to say about this one is…. “Magnolia” vibes.

Will these tracks be on Astroworld?  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  TBH, I sort of hope not.  I want that NEW NEW.

Deb’s Domain: 001 – Mother’s Day Edition


I thought it would appropriate to do a feature on Sara’s blog for Mother’s Day.

Known to many as DEB, I am Sara’s mom.  Short, Italian, and born and raised in Pittsburgh with a great head of hair.

I felt the need to answer the question many of you have asked yourself – “Why is this girl SO into music?”

Sara has forever been exposed to music.  My parents babysat her as I was always a working mom. There was music constantly blaring from that household and continues daily as my mom is a feisty 92-year-old woman who loves her tunes.  In fact, the only things you will find in her car are plastic rain hats and cassette tapes.  Though the sounds were Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Barbara Streisand and Big Band, Sara has always been surrounded by music.

As a child I was also around the music my parents enjoyed but having two much older siblings exposed me to more.  My brother was more the Beatles/Woodstock era whereas my sister was Motown, Janis Ian, and Carole King.  Keep in mind, this music was played on turntables or eight-track tapes.

Through my college years it was Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Journey, Styx, Kool & The Gang, The Whispers, Rick James, The Gap Band, Bruce Springsteen, Luther Vandross, and many more.

*Photo collage courtesy of Deb

I have also been to a lot of concerts in my days.  I love my dance type music but I have a love of Rock ‘n Roll as well.

I truly love all types of music but my favorite band of all time is Earth, Wind & Fire.

Yes, the apple does not fall far from the tree…  Earth, Wind & Fire will be gracing Pittsburgh with their presence in August.  I have already purchased tickets for my gang of girls along with the Party Bus reserved.  Just like her mother, Sara loves concerts.  If you know Sara personally or have just followed her blog, you know her boy is DRAKE.  Well, my boys are Earth, Wind & Fire.  Yes, I know the words to every song.  I will be singing and dancing in my seat!

All of my kids love music.   This is one of the reasons why at each of my kids’ graduation parties I felt the need to have a live band.

Good Food + Good Music = Great Party

Stay tuned for my article next month when I share with you some of my favorite all time tunes.

Until we chat again, always remember –  A Simple Act of Kindness is Free but Worth MILLIONS.


*Blog Owner’s Note*
The featured image for this post is a 
representation of my former sorority,
Alpha Gamma Delta, repping our mascot, the squirrel.
They FaceTimed me in ❤ Deb pictured in the middle.

MUSIC: Calvin Harris ft. Future & Khalid – “Rollin”

Calvin Harris is living his best life right now.  Last night he gave us another track off of his upcoming album, Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1.  

Titled “Rollin,” it features two of my favorites – Khalid and Future.  I never thought I wanted a song with Khalid and Future, but after hearing this…. YASSS.

When that electronic beat came in around 22 seconds, I knew this song was going to be complete summer vibes.

Also important to note that Khalid is on the come-up, and for those who disagree, shame on you.  He’s young and about to be thriving.  He’s already on a song with Calvin Harris and Future.  COME ON, BRO.

But yeah, listen to the song here, and keep living your best life.



MUSIC + VIDEO: SZA ft. Travi$ Scott – “Love Galore”

Can’t forget about the other epic song that dropped today – this morning to be exact.  I was getting ready for work and got the notification that a new song featuring Travi$ Scott released.

*Pause everything*

Definitely had to stop what I was doing to listen.  Well, not only did we get a new song from SZA (pronounced SIZ-UH), we received the visuals to the track as well.  Love when that happens.  Directed by Nabil and part of the Top Dawg Entertainment family (Kendrick’s squad), the visuals are sensual, sexy, and a little chilling.

Initially I first heard the audio, but after watching the video and listening, I’m thinking of the song in a completely different way.  What I was picturing in my head during that first listen was definitely not what was being portrayed in the video.

And OMG, the ending… like what?!  Was NOT expecting that.

SZA is a SZAVAGE for this one.

Watch above!

MUSIC: Majid Jordan – “Phases”

What a nice surprise!  Well, a surprise to me at least.

As I was casually scrolling through Twitter, I stumbled across a new track from one of my favorite duos – Majid Jordan.  I saw them in concert last fall for the first time, and they were so good live.  Definitely recommend seeing them.

Okay, so “Phases” starts out really slow on the piano.  Right as those opening vocals hit though… YASSS.

“I keep going through different phases, stay going through different phases”

Then slowly but surely, you start to hear the song pick up.  At about one minute in, the tempo quickens but in a very subtle way.

Then when the real deal beat picks up…

“omg. this is a new sound for majid!  it sounds a little more techno but I AM HERE FOR IT.  I LOVE THIS.”

The quote above was my actual real-time reaction to listening to that part of the song for the first time, so I decided to leave it.  Clearly, I’m v excited.

But yes, listen to the song here on Apple Music!

PS – I think Majid Jordan makes the best late night driving music.  And this song in particular is perfect for those late night summertime drives.

Anyway, I’m really digging “Phases,” and I’m hoping that the release of this song means a new project is on the way!  Or at least one sometime this year 🙂

Hope yinz had an epic Thursday!

MUSIC: Frank Ocean – “Lens”

“I got two versions.” -Frank Ocean

And that he does.

Last night (Saturday, April 22) Frank Ocean released a new song titled “Lens” on another surprise episode of blonded RADIO on Apple Music.  Funny how Frank disappeared for four years before giving us Blonde, and now he’s dropping surprise radio station episodes AND new tracks.  Any who.  One version is with Frank solo dolo, but the other features one of my absolute favorites – Travi$ Scott.

The version with just Frank is around four minutes long, and the one with Travi$ is a little over six, and it is everything.

p u r e  v i b e s

 “Lens” has a god-like sound and exudes some MAJOR Kanye “808s & Heartbreak” vibes.  The Auto-Tune.  Wow.  I’m listening now as I’m writing this, and I’m so obsessed.  This song should honestly be called “Vibes” instead of “Lens.”  Imagine listening to this while floating in the ocean, riding a bike along the beach, exploring your city, driving down the freeway in the rain – it fits so many scenarios.  Here for it.

And as if the song can’t get any vibey-er (obviously not a word), Frank calls on La Flame to take “Lens” to the next level.  Now, I heard “Lens” last night but didn’t hear the T. Scott version until I was driving home from a friend’s house this AM.  And fam am I glad I didn’t hear it until then.  Driving up the 405 with the windows down and sun shining – w o a h.  I definitely had a moment.  A moment of inspiration and just thinking how epic the hip-hop community is and all these amazing collabs we continue to get.  Our favorite artists hopping on tracks with one another that we wouldn’t expect.  Hearing familiar sounds of other artists on certain songs and albums.

m a g i c

Got a little sidetracked there, but I think it’s important for us as fans to really appreciate not just a new song but the artist(s) behind those songs and the magic that went down to get us that new song.  Now I’m sure most tracks don’t come together in one singular moment, but I would love to be in a recording studio for when that happens.  Or just in general.  I think it would be very motivational.  Bucket list item for sure.

Okay, enough of me rambling.  Listen to the two versions below, and let me know if you catch the same vibe I did.

Hope yinz are having the most epic Sunday!

VIDEO: Travi$ Scott – “goosebumps”

UDPATE 10:01AM PST:  Just watched the video, and it is nothing short of epic and uniquely trippy.  I’d expect nothing less from Travi$ Scott!  And I really like Kendrick’s placement in the video as well.  Travi$ continues to kill the game.

It’s here!  Travi$ Tweeted last week he would be dropping this video, and I’m glad he has blessed us with these visuals on a Monday.  What a good start to the week.  Watch here!

I’m about to watch for the first time myself.  Too pumped for this.  Let me know what you think!

Happy Monday, yinz!