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Here are the overdue updates I’ve been meaning to write about.  We’re going to try to keep this short and sweet since there’s SO much happening in the hip-hop world.

First and most importantly, on Saturday, January 30, Drake hosted OVO Sound Radio and finally gave us a drop date for Views From the 6.  Well, it’s not an actual date, but the album will drop in April.  And it makes complete sense.  Toronto’s area code is 416 (close to that Pittsburgh 412 ya heard).  April being the 4th month and the year being 20(16).  It makes ALL the sense, and I’m actually a little disappointed in myself that I didn’t figure it out.  Maybe it will drop on April 16th?  I’m still thinking some new music will come out this weekend during All-Star Weekend.  Don’t even get me startd on how upset I am I’m not there.  Moving on to the next piece of news.

YEEZY-WIZ TWITTER DRAMA | This celeb beef was some real Twitter fingers action.  Kanye went on quite the rant about Wiz Khalifa.  It all stemmed from Kanye changing his album title from SWISH to Waves, which prompted Wiz to Tweet out a photo of Max B, the original ‘Wavy Daddy.’  Cue the Tweets.  Drama is all I can say.  I was actually laughing reading them, but it was all a bit much.  I also managed to screen shot all of Ye’s Tweets, and thank goodness I did because he deleted them.  I’ll have to dedicate a post to just those sometime in the near future.  Cut to present.  Kanye and Wiz had a phone call, made up, and all is good.

EVOL | Future blessed us with ANOTHA ONE.  Not much longer after Purple Reign, which dropped in January, the Atlanta rapper released another project titled EVOL, which is ‘love’ spelled backwards.  I haven’t listened to either of the projects as much as I should have, but if you listen to one song, you absolutely must listen to ‘Run Up’ on Purple Reign.  Seriously fire.

‘DOWN IN THE DM’ REMIX | Listen to this raunchy yet lit remix to Yo Gotti’s club banger featuring Nicki Minaj here.  Let’s just say I listened to this on my way to work, and it definitely woke me up.  Nicki goes hard in this.  Love it.

RIHANNA – ANTI | Okay, this should actually get its own post.  What a dang good album.  The overall sound and lyrics of ANTI are incredible.  The flow from beginning to end.  Brilliant.  Comparing this album to others by Rihanna, this is by far her most mature piece of work.  If you’re an avid RiRi fan, I’m sure you’ll agree.  I encourage you to listen!  I promise it’s not a peppy pop album you’ll get sick of.  And listen to ‘Love on the Brain.’  That straight up doesn’t even sound like Rihanna, but has more of  a Beyonce and Macy Gray feel.  So good.  Listen, yinz!

FLINT CRISIS | Detroit native Big Sean donated $50,000 to support the Flint water crisis.  While some of you think he should have given more, it’s obviously way more than I’m sure you’ve given.  I don’t want to get into that discussion now,  but let’s just give a round of applause to the Sean Don for donating to this town in time of need.  Props!

Happy Friday!  Lots of exciting things week, so check back early next for a post!  And until then, I’ll be waiting for Ye to drop his album.

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