Feel Good Friday – #GLOBALMERCH Edition

Yinz!  First of all, I hope you had a great week.  Secondly, wait until you see this #MERCH I recently received.  It’s super cool.  Super unique.  And for a super good cause.

Let me tell you about this organization before I jump into this #MERCH.

One of my longtime friends, like have known since elementary school long, is the co-founder of United Underdogs – a company that works with sports organizations and fans everywhere to protect our environment and improve lives globally.  They partner with brands to not only inspire a global sports audience but more importantly to impact the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues.  It’s a pretty dope concept.

And what makes this organization even more dope is the fact that they have #MERCH, or as I like to call it – #GLOBALMERCH.

You can purchase a piece of handmade #MERCH – in this case a unique artisan gift – to support.  Upon purchase, Underdogs United will contribute one carbon credit – their funding mechanism – to their clean cookstoves project in East Africa to help those breathe cleaner air and save trees from deforestation.


I love this whole entire concept and the #MERCH.  Thank you again, Steve… and to the entire Underdogs United team.  Appreciate what you guys are doing!


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