Hi there!

Welcome to my blog, californyinz!  This has been a long time coming, so I am very excited it is finally up and running and even more excited you are here reading!

Why californyinz?  Having vacationed to the City of Angels since I was baby Serge, now a resident of the state (almost four years!), and having been born and raised in the Steel City, both California and Pittsburgh have always held and will continue to hold special places in my heart.  I wanted a creative way to combine these two loves of mine through writing and knew a blog was just the thing!

  californ                                             +                                    yinz*


=  californyinz

This isn’t a blog about Drake, you ask?  Well yes, I could indeed dedicate a whole site to the 6 God, but that sounds a bit stalker-esque.  However, there most definitely will be a Drake presence throughout, as well as a hip-hop music and live entertainment influence, as those are two things I am very passionate about.

What makes this blog different from other lifestyle blogs?  This blog stems from experiences with my friends and family.  Without them, it would be one lonely girl going to the GRAMMYs, Vegas, a Lakers game, the beach, or wherever else alone.  Who wants to read about that? Because of yinz, I have enough stories to curate some pretty epic content for californyinz, so you can expect some personal shout outs!

Get ready to follow my journey from here on out in California and from those frequent trips I make back home to Pittsburgh.  Yes, I still consider Pittsburgh home.  This bigger platform, compared to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, will allow me to tell yinz about my West and East Coast happenings and all things hip hop that I love.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this.   I look forward to sharing my ‘californ’ and ‘yinzer’ experiences with you!

And shout out to my roommate Megan, follow her on Twitter @megstraw – she’s pretty awesome, for helping me choose the fonts for the californyinz logo!

signature 2

*How someone from Pittsburgh would say “y’all” or “you guys”


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