For a million dollars…

…would you walk to Las Vegas from Los Angeles?  This was the question of the weekend that started on the roughly 270 mile drive to Sin City.

Last weekend some girlfriends and I went to Vegas for ONO (One Night Only – thanks, Kylie).  Some may wonder why you would go to Vegas for only one night, but the truth is when you live fairly close, you start to develop a love-hate relationship with the city.  Anyways…

Vegas essentials.  Aside from the obvious outfits, one clearly needs a selfie stick (thanks, Chiou), a fifth of Fireball, and some dignity (not pictured) to fully capture and enjoy a weekend in Vegas.

Vegas essentials

We left the South Bay bright and early Saturday morning with an expected arrival time of around noon.  Cue an oil change light, a shady auto service center, pit stops at Jersey Mike’s and a gas station for beer, we finally ended up in the City of Sin and checked into the Flamingo Hotel around 2:00pm just in time to hit up the pool.  Maybe walking would have been better.  KIDDING.  Totally kidding.  I can barely run one mile let alone walk 270.

Post-pool party antics.
After pool party

After a hearty dinner, courtesy of the Flamingo food court, it was time to freshen up for the evening.

South Baybes pictured below.
the girls
ictured from L to R:  Danni, Sydney, Serge, Kylie, Bre, Mackenzie

Time to see Avicii.  We ventured to XS Nightclub located in the Wynn hotel.  We were put on a guest list earlier that day (thank you, Danni!) and were able to get ahead of the line.  As if that wasn’t epic enough, another group of friends (shout out to my Hokies!) had a table (thanks again, Chiou).  The inside part of the club was completely packed with people awaiting the arrival of the 25-year-old Swedish sensation (Avicii).  Some of you may know I don’t do well with large crowds.  Especially large crowds who are pushing and shoving.  One of my actual nightmares.  But when you’re in Vegas, you face your fears and YOLO.

After lots of pushing and shoving, we made it to the very front. #ragecage
Avicii                     Avicii2
Not the best quality, I know, but you get it.  You can check out my Instagram video here.

After about an hour waiting for a cab, we made it back to the room around 3:45am.  Went to bed, woke up around 8:00am, and got the HECK out of there.  I would tell you about the drive back (thanks again for driving, Mac!), but Kylie, Mac, and I were pretty delusional.  We did snag some chicken fries, took selfies with aliens, and jammed out to Smash Mouth, but that’s all I want to say about that.

Now, for two million dollars… would you walk back to LA?

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