Serge’s selections & weekly wrap-ups

It only makes sense that my first ‘Music’ post feature songs from none other than the Toronto rapper himself, Mr. Aubrey Drake Graham.

Before I go into that though, here’s what you can look forward to in the ‘Music’ section:

Serge’s Selections.  These beginning of the week playlists will feature new music that’s out, music I’m currently listening to, throwbacks, remixes, DJs I’m into… essentially any type of music I want you to jam out to.  I can’t promise they will be kid-friendly versions (sorry, mom), so make sure you have your headphones in if you’re listening at work.  The playlists will be through SoundCloud, so you can listen directly from the blog post, and you don’t even need an account*.  Just press play and enjoy!

Weekly W(rap)-ups.  These will be posted near the end of the week and will include a few music news headlines that happened throughout the week.  Topics will range from concert announcements to a new album that is dropping to artist gossip (because everyone wants to know Drake’s next move, right?) to music videos and more.

While most of the playlists and wrap-ups will have an urban feel, I really do love all music, so you can expect other genres here too. I mean, I have to let you know when Queen Bey drops a new track!  Just no country.  Unless Drake decides to throw on a cowboy hat and boots.  Then we’ll talk.

So here it is, the first playlist of californyinz


PS – Adam, I made sure to add ‘Worst Behavior’ for you.

*For those of you who do have a SoundCloud account and want more music, you can follow me here.
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